Hoboken Week in Review – 4/27/2008


Your weekly snapshot of the hot topics in Hoboken.

Will the long over-due “mental vacation” actually take place? You’ll find out tomorrow!

Anyone willing to contribute a Hoboken related article please see this post to find out what I’m looking for! Submission deadline is tonight…

hoboken411 week in review april 27 2008 - Hoboken Week in Review - 4/27/2008

Here are the Top 10 articles published or bumped this week that had the hottest overall chat action in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Sneaky video tricks
    ABC News runs an experiment in Hoboken with a lost child.
  2. Cheesey proposition
    Hoboken’s only store dedicated to the fine art of worldly cheeses.
  3. Give an inch, they take a yard
    The community comes together to save Block 11 from being a high-rise building instead of the promised park.
  4. Flooded with possibilities
    411 asks a Council member about with these wacky proposed “pumps” that are supposed to solve the gross situation when heavy rains occur.
  5. Buskers
    Some buzz about a downtown restaurant. A new review coming in 2008.
  6. Not kleen anymore
    Yet another local business bites the dust.
  7. Smoking will be 100% illegal before the year 2100
    Smoking banned in Atlantic City casinos effective October 2008.
  8. Hoboken incident of the week
    Another fracas in the projects makes news.
  9. Happy Birthday Israel
    Local Jewish folks simply want to celebrate their country’s 60th at an Irish Bar.
  10. Hoboken’s lame budget
    Is put to shame pretty much by any other city.


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Hope you take a vacation! YOU deserve it! 😀