Carmelo Garcia {props}

Some props for Carmelo Garcia in Hoboken

Some of you (even if you’re not a political “insider”) might have heard Carmelo Garcia’s name bounced around in Hoboken.

Without getting into specific details – the net result appears to be that he was the target of a lynch-mob style attack from those who didn’t support him, were “afraid of him,” or couldn’t stand working with him in a democratic environment.

“mayor” don Zimmer’s husband Stan Grossbard has evidently played a huge role in spearheading the elimination of Garcia’s participation within the City of Hoboken. Looking through the mess – it has the markings of a modern-day “witch hunt.” Which seems almost psychotic. (But then again, politics tends to attract psychopaths and sociopaths, but I digress…)

Anyway – instead of micro-analyzing muddy politics – today we’ll present a letter of praise from distinguished Hoboken resident and homeowner Wale Idris Ajibade. Wale has lived in Hoboken for a decade and a half, and is the executive director of African Views Organization, a NJ Nonprofit corporation focusing on Global Development and Emancipation research and analysis.

Why Vote for Carmelo Garcia for Council in this Upcoming Election

By Wale Idris Ajibade

Carmelo Garcia with World Champion Olympian Alex Morgan - Carmelo Garcia {props}

Carmelo Garcia with World Champ Olympian Alex Morgan

Hoboken, our little town by the Hudson River, is very precious to me. That’s how many people see us. But there is a lot more to the Mile Square city. As little a city as we are, we actually make impressive and significant contribution to the national image as the hometown of baseball, pride birth place of Frankie boy Sinatra, hence the Hoboken Boys. We are known for the prettiest women in NJ and the most eligible bachelors. This is why people come here day in day out, we just wish they’d take public transportation since we are a hub and have a terminal for various means of transportations. Though we love people who come here, but they often take our parking spaces and our developers who are among the most prolific in the country cannot even keep up with the demands. Hoboken has potentials that cannot be highlighted enough.

Steven’s Institute of Technology is home to three national research centers of excellence: The school was selected as a Center of Excellence for Maritime Research (CMR) in 2014 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate. The Systems Engineering Research University Affiliated Research Center (SER-UARC) was awarded to Stevens in 2008 by the U.S. Department of Defense and The Atlantic Center for the Innovative Design & Control of Small Ships, funded by the Office of Naval Research. Steven’s Institute, our pride and joy, ranks 1st place in the 2015 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon. Ranked 3rd in the nation for “Best Career Placement”; Ranked 2nd in the nation for “Best Online Engineering Degree and named “Safest Campus in New Jersey” in the 2015 Niche Rankings. Hoboken is ranked 2nd place for rich, young, free, and single and #8 Top Earning Town. This is one town European tourists don’t complain about when they visit the US. It has beauty and community.

Carmelo Garcia and Senator Booker - Carmelo Garcia {props}

Garcia and Booker.

I formed the Table tennis club in 2004, which is still active and I started an open mic community comedy skit called Laugh Garden. I love this town. I even convinced a New Yorker to move in with me here. If there is one thing you should know about New Yorkers they do not compromise their abode, they are loyal to the city that never sleeps. But Hoboken has it all, except you can sleep whenever you want. My children are born here. I love the fact that they could walk to a great pre-school with international standard down the block at the Synagogue. But there is one thing else about Hoboken that is very troubling to me, it was also ranked one of snobbiest towns in N.J.

As a person of African descent, I feel the pressure of lack of enough diversity in the Mile Square City both in the population and in its leadership. If my children, who are lucky to have a mixed heritage and by the virtue of the fact that I am bent on providing them the best of both worlds to the extent that they can be the best American they ought to – I have to pay attention to the breadth and scope of what is available to them as well as to me and to a multicultural couple in terms of services, access, and quality. You’d be surprised to know that this basic need has been an upward battle to put in place in our city, and that breaks my heart.

One candidate stands apart.

The name Carmelo Garcia rings a bell for those who pay attention to politics in Hoboken. Having known Carmelo for over 15 years now, I am more convinced that his interest in politics is driven by conscience and compassion rather than ambition. This is something that people need to know. Obviously he has adversaries most of who are political opponents for this same reason, standing against what he stands for. There is no secret to the fact that American politics is a blood sport. We have demonstrated that few times making national news with our local politics.

Carmelo and crowd - Carmelo Garcia {props}However, Carmelo Garcia is an extremely intelligent candidate with keen interest and sensitivity towards the need of all, not just a particular group of rich folks. He has championed some amazing causes to the benefit of our City Hoboken and beyond. His stance on the issues such as gender equality, quality of life, homelessness, realty tax, children’s welfare, pet care, quality of education, ease of access, ease of business, community hygiene, elderly care, retirement, traffic, public safety and so on reflects that his views are aligned with the best interest of all people first. He is probably the only politician in our town with a United Nation’s pass. Mr. Garcia’s record and Legislative Updates as an Assemblyman can be found on his website (/Facebook page): I encourage you to see for yourself.

I have always admired his courage as I am proud of his deeds. I know his passion and candor, which he has demonstrated often several times again and over that he is an activist politician. I have seen him at work, and his achievement during his tenure as an Assemblyman proves that he is the right man for the Job of the 6th Ward Councilman. I recommend him for the Council member job and urge you to please do the same.

The primary responsibility of the Council member position is to make and enforce laws. As a part of a city council, the member votes with a board to pass bills on a wide range of city-related matters, including various zoning matters, overseeing city agencies and programs to determine if and how money is being budgeted optimally, and vote to approve the budget created by the mayor as well. No one I see on the ballot can better represent our constituency and interest than Carmelo Garcia. Please join me in voting for our friend, Carmelo G. Garcia as Councilman in this upcoming election on Tuesday 3rd of November 2015.

Thank you!


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