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Here’s a long letter that shows you the debacle that is what we call “The Hoboken Parking Authority.”


Mom gets the boot

“After reading some of the parking stories on I wanted to share a parking boot story with everyone.

My family has been long time residents of this town. I am 37 and born and raised here, and have been witness to plenty. Living on 4th and Washington has made parking a challenge but we always manage to find a spot within a 2 block radius. We ALWAYS keep our parking stickers up to date.

On one fine morning I received a frantic call at work. My mother is welcomed to find a parking boot on her car. Huh? My mother is close to retirement age and lives on a budget. Having to pay a boot fee is an inconvenience for her, just as it would be for anyone else. I was perplexed. As she went to the Parking Authority office to investigate, I had my Ex-wife meet her there. She is also born and raised in Hoboken. Knowing that the sticker was in its correct location for years and clearly visible, I assumed it was a mistake. Parking Authority confirmed that the sticker was in fact valid and up to date in their computer system. So did this boot fall off the truck and lodge itself to her car? She was in a residential zone within her right and it was not a street sweeping day. Hmm?

See how this story turns out after the jump…

(mom gets insulted, continued…)

To add insult to injury, she was told that shed have to pay for the ticket to have the boot removed THEN go to court and fight it. I told my mother and ex-wife NO, we are not having it. It was their mistake and we should not be inconvenienced any further by it. Get them to take the boot off period. After they spoke to a supervisor the “Bootman” was called to the office. He stated that thought the parking sticker was renewed months ago; she must have just put it on. “Hello, Mc Fly”.


Let’s stop for a moment and use some logic. Had the vehicle, that for years was a registered parking automobile, NOT had Hoboken Parking sticker in its required location, they would have already booted the car on numerous occasions. OH but wait? That would mean that you didn’t boot a car without a sticker when you were supposed to. Hence NOT doing your job? No Mr. Bootman! You messed up. By this time my sister joins the Dynamic Duo of my mother and ex-wife. While I was at work I called a friend at the ticketing area to help in the confusion, my sister was also calling a girl that works at PA and my ex-wife also started calling some Hoboken Icons. NOT to call in favors, but to assist in making right what THEY did wrong.

During our T-Mobile high volume of calls, a Boot Car was radioed and sent to the location to verify that the sticker was in fact there. Well what do you know? “10-4 that’s an affirmative, the sticker has been located, the sticker has been located! Ok ma’am we are going to remove this contraption, and dismiss the ticket. Please come back to your vehicle to meet Mr. Bootman so that you may take your vehicle and continue with your day that we so erroneously and rudely interrupted. Oh and by the way, we won’t be apologizing for our mistake and you just have a wonderful day.”

Had my mother not had Super ex-wife, Super Sis and myself come to her rescue, she would have had to pay for a ticket that the city would have reimbursed her in MAYBE A MONTH? That’s completely ridiculous. If Parking Authority makes a mistake, in which we are all entitled to once in a while, just MAKE IT RIGHT. It’s really not a hard job to do. Hmm Sticker…no sticker. But what can one expect when No Parking signs mysteriously appear. Their must be a glitch in the Matrix. This happen to me one time but I can’t honestly say that I noticed any signage that was taped to a wall or gate. My mistake for not noticing a sing that should be ON A SIGN POST.

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I have a parking question that isn’t related to this story, but I don’t know where else to post it.

On my block street cleaning is Tuesday mornings. People are moving into my building and the no parking signs for tomorrow (Friday) were only posted on Wednesday. They’re not the courtesy signs–they’re the enforceable police signs that say tow/boot zone.

I don’t have a car, I’m just curious: Are the signs REALLY enforceable? Aren’t you supposed to post prior to street cleaning so if people want that spot they know they will have to move?


Maybe if the incompetent workers that the city hired were just fired, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion?


“Easy E” and “Stevens32” seem to get the story. Its not about an entitlement because of being BnR in Hoboken. Its the entitlement of being treated fairly from a mistake that HPA makes, regardless of where you are from. Just as “”bornandrazedinhobo” is entitled to being treated in a courteous and professional manner. He acted accordingly and proceeded to ensure that this was addressed and would not happen again. His complaint was handled quickly, because thats how it SHOULD BE, not because hes BnR. Booted Mom got her situation sorted because thats how it SHOULD BE for everyone. I’m sure everyone feels they shouldn’t be “inconvenienced” by some HPA half-assed job. Hats off to “bornandrazedinhobo” and “Booted Moms” family in the never ending quest for justice and equality in this great town

“British Hairways” Ive parked off the corner of 5th and Washington for 3 nights in a row. Half a block 😉


[quote comment=”80283″][quote comment=”80263″]i successfully fought, but had to go to court. they towed me when i was parked in front of a no parking sign on june 3 – june 6. well, it was june 30, so i was fine. apparently, they made the sign wrong, and had to tow people because the street work had to be performed, but….they still issued tickets and made everyone fight it in court. i snapped pictures of the no parking sign, showed them to the judge, and won. but it was a huge hassle.[/quote]

When something like the above happens, the moron who screwed up should have to take a vacation day, show up at your work and wait for you to hear their apology when you are ready.[/quote]

that would be AWESOME


[quote comment=”80218″][quote]With that I called the police who arrived and not only told this clown to get her shit together but told her unless she calmed down she would be arrested and fired before the end of the day.

I then went to the HPU and filed a complaint which was addressed very quickly. NO PROBLEMS SINCE![/quote]

bornandrazedinhobo – I absolutely seethed as I read your story, with how rude and obnoxious HPU was. Did you ever find out what happened with your complaint? Was this person ever disciplined?

Do these HPU people get disciplined at all for handing out too mnay erroneous tickets? In an honest regime, they would be.[/quote]

Yes the agent was diciplined immediately. In fact I actually could have had her terminated that day by 5pm but I did not. Thinking back I should have and if I could go back I would. But with one respect I guess that makes me a better person. I know better next time.

But to add just a bit, ever since that day whenever I see this HPU agent she runs across the street to avoid me and never even looks in my direction.