You shouldn’t be involved in politics!

Involved in politics: Not a good idea in Hoboken

Today is “election day” in Hoboken, and throughout many municipalities, counties, states and across the country.

But here’s a strong reminder – you (the “public”), should NEVER be involved in politics – to ANY capacity.

And to be fully clear – what we mean for the purpose of this piece is “involved in the campaign activities” of ANY political candidate.

Why do you say we shouldn’t be involved?

Hoboken useful idiots - You shouldn't be involved in politics!For one – when you’re “involved,” you’re no longer what they call a “constituent,” but rather a more disparaging phrase called a “political groupie.”

Political groupies are psychologically damaged individuals.

You see, the “people” (or what many call “constituents,”) are what are supposed to be the POWER behind electing which person should be making responsible decisions on the behalf of them.

Somewhere, somehow – this got lost.

Now you have “mobs” of people who support one thing, person, ideal or another – versus another “mob” of people who feel otherwise.

What’s lost in translation, as they say, is the fact that whomever “goes to bat” for whatever politician or ideal – is nothing but what they call a “USEFUL IDIOT” who helps a person, group of people or ideal further a particular agenda. And when their “usefulness” is expired, they’re quickly shoved aside.

Remember “Us vs. Them”

For some strange reason – over 300 million people in this country have essentially relinquished their rights. SO other people can dicatate to them what their rights should be.

Anyone that gloms onto a politician of ANY kind is one (or more) of the following kind of people:

  • Lonely (they want to have a sense of purpose – even if they are fully aware they’re being taken advantage of).
  • Weak (the “power” of a political position “rubs off” on them, and they become subconsciously empowered to a degree).
  • Egotistic (they adopt whatever power a person does or can wield, and project that onto others, despite their laundry list of shortcomings),
  • Opportunistic (they want to turn whatever into a better position, opportunity, etc.)
  • Stupid (by being such a “team player” and getting NOTHING in return)

Some may have labeled Hoboken411 in the past as being a political player of some kind. Sure, that may have some truth to it – you support some people more than others. You might even have a bias. That is human! No one ever ordered any publication to act a certain way, right? Look at the NYT or other publications – what rules do they abide by?

But we never were a slave to anyone. Not once, not ever.

We do what feel is fair – and within our capacity. Never have we struggled to forward a message of others. If it can’t be done – it won’t be done!

political groupies - You shouldn't be involved in politics!

“US vs. THEM” (Part II)

The reason I bring this up again, is that any what they call “ruling body” is a bad thing. From the bowels of municipal government like Hoboken, to county, state, and federal – it’s the true sewage of society.

No two human beings are different. What makes it “okay” for one person to do something – should make it okay for everyone else.

But that is not the case anymore. Think about these blaring examples (a wide range of them):

  • You cannot park along a red curb (for “safety reasons”), yet city vehicles park there with NO NEED for explanation. They’re “exempt.”
  • You pay high property taxes, then you discover a parking ticket for stupid street sweeping it $45. Did you cause $45 worth of hardship on ANYONE? NO!

Meh – I could cite dozens more. But you get the point, it’s all a hypocritical shell-game, smoke & mirrors, moving targets and other insane distractions and psychological trickery.

Sure – sensible debate can happen on the sidelines – but “going behind enemy lines” to almost “be one of them,” is just not what the public should do.

These governments are nothing more than “businesses” that claim they can set the rules of engagement. When will people wake up and forever change this nonsense? Not impossible by any means (read some history), but highly unlikely in 2015 (look around you.)

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I took the reins and worked on the WARD in which I live. I trusted NONE of them. Many good useful things were accomplished and credit was never given and never asked for. I belong to a ministry citing COLOSSIANS 3:23, Do EVERYTHING with all of your heart as if working for THE LORD, and not for men!” Any credit will come from well over the heads of the politicians here, and I will back away from them with the words “To the victors belong the spoils of war”. This came from ANDREW JACKSON signing a paper that resulted in the TRAIL of TEARS for the Cherokee nation and a forced march out of their land, which has already happened here! We are no longer burned in our beds, we are priced out and the city is still in charge. SHAME on them…………………………..


Yup. you should see the Russo garbage celebrating outside Russo campaign headquarters at the former Lounge 11, the worst thing that’s ever happened to Ward 3. Birds of a feather…..


Yup, read Zimmer’s literature all about creating an US vs THEM.


just vote against the mayors!


Useful idiots is right. They’ll never learn.