Zimmer supports more deadbeats? {Tiffanie Fisher}

{Deadbeat} Tiffanie Fisher supported by don Zimmer

Tiffanie Fisher Dawn Zimmer Fake Mayor Hoboken NJ Stan Grossbard runs the game - Zimmer supports more deadbeats? {Tiffanie Fisher}People all across the country can suffer from occasional financial problems – including liens and other “judgments” against them or their property.

Heck, even Ted Cruz was vilified on libtard-BC earlier this week for some personal financial issues.

But while we understand it’s most certainly not uncommon for *private* parties to have some issues – at what point do PUBLIC OFFICIALS need to have their shit together before they even think about having ONE OUNCE OF CONTROL over other people?

If you have skeletons in your closet – PUBLIC OFFICE IS NOT FOR YOU.

Tiffanie Fisher NJ Judgment Hoboken Council - Zimmer supports more deadbeats? {Tiffanie Fisher}

Not up front – what does that tell you?

Case in point is Zimmer puppet Tiffanie Fisher – who apparently was not up front with her more than $10,000 judgment that no Hoboken resident who was considering casting a vote for her knew about. (That’s “transparency,” Zimmer style!)

Tiffanie Fisher Judgments Liens Hoboken NJ - Zimmer supports more deadbeats? {Tiffanie Fisher}

Zimmer no stranger to deadbeats whatsoever! In fact, best buddies!

But first, let’s recap some past Don Zimmer Deadbeat hookups:

  • Four years ago, Mayor Don Zimmer supported Tom Greaney for Hoboken City Council. Greaney was quick to preach fiscal responsibility until it was uncovered that Greaney’s bankruptcy that he hid from voters. After suffering a resounding defeat Greaney picked up and moved out of Hoboken. But it didn’t take Zimmer long to find another deadbeat…
  • In 2012, Zimmer backed candidate Theresa Minutillo abruptly dropped out of the Hoboken Board of Education race. Shortly after, it was revealed that Minutillo was sued by at least five different creditors for money that she owed them. Even worse, default judgments were entered against Minutillo leading to speculation that she didn’t even bother to show for court!

Zimmer picks are highly questionable!

Now Zimmer is doing it again by backing 2nd Ward candidate Tiffanie Fisher who is once again trying to manipulate residents with a message of “fiscal responsibility.”

(Don’t forget it’s apparent that don Zimmer isn’t even running the city – STAN GROSSBARD IS!) But I digress…

Tiffanie Fisher Hoboken NJ Ravi Pay To Play Bhalla - Zimmer supports more deadbeats? {Tiffanie Fisher}But Tiffanie doesn’t practice what she preaches. So how can you expect this “lady” to “lead” you when she has all sorts of garbage (which she’ll inevitably point the finger and “blame” someone else for…)

Public judgments against Tiffanie Fisher amount to around $10,323.12. Fisher, who owns two luxury condos in the Hudson Tea Building and who is reportedly “self-financing” her City Council campaign appears to be a (not) fantastic bookkeeper.

While harassing local senior citizens with annoying fliers at all hours or claiming she’s a “street paving diva,” Tiffanie is also offering (probably laced “vote for me”) cupcakes to potential voters, but it doesn’t appear that she bothered to pay her “fair share.”

But that’s not all…

There are 3 other judgments against Tiffanie Fisher:

  1. The New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles in the amount of $100.
  2. The New York State Tax Commission in the amount of $1,345.
  3. 72 Park Avenue Condominium Association in the amount of $6,018.46.

That’s a total of $17,786.58!

Maybe Tom Greaney can recommend a good moving company for Fisher after the election? Or a decent Realtor who can facilitate a “quick sale?”

Deadbeat Dawn and “fiscally irresponsible Tiffanie” are Perfect Together – But not for the 2nd Ward!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015 3:07 am

She’s a liar, corrupt and should NOT be trusted!!!! We live in The HTB so this does not surprise me at all. For 6 months, mostly during the summer she and her thug manager and fellow Board of Cronies were not even able to keep the wild geese of our front lawn. And, absolutely refused to clean up the bacteria infested feces the geese left behind. So for about 6 months the children in our building were not able to play on the grass that we pay a large fee every month to maintain. I wonder what the Board does with that money since it’s sure not going to maintain the Common Elements like it’s supposed to. But it gets worse, for me. I have a Service Dog, a very friendly King Charles Spaniel that the kids love to play with. As of today, I’ve been illegally fined $850 for having my Service Dog on property that’s open to the general public. This is a clear violation of the ADA and fines are up to 110K!! Tiffany refuses to acknowledge that the Board has no authority to fine a working animal on public property. She continued to allow her thug manager to harass and discriminate me by assessing fines. What’s really amazing as she has RABBITS, which are NOT on our Master Deed or Rules & Regulations as acceptable animals, but NO ONE on the Board has every questioned her. She’s never been fined or required to remove her rabbits… Read more »

Friday, October 30, 2015 11:56 pm

Do you really think this matters to Zimmer? All she cares about is that the candidates she supports MUST NOT be Hoboken born and raised. Her candidates can be the biggest deadbeats around as long as they are recent transplants to Hoboken. Zimmer is a disgrace but her Zombies will do as they’re told and blindly support the deadbeats

Reply to  showme789
Saturday, October 31, 2015 6:08 am

How can somebody support one who doesn’t hold a job and is famous for raising RABBITS in her apartment..Yes, I have rabbits she said at a meeting. I have three.
I heard two when the rumor started maybe they multiplied….

Friday, October 30, 2015 3:13 pm


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