Bröd Kitchen {not} coming to Hoboken

Bröd Kitchen – Doomed before it started in Hoboken

Well, I was wondering what the deal was with Bröd Kitchen over at Maxwell Place.

Apparently they’ve backed out of the deal, and the space is back to being unoccupied with no known future tenant.

Not sure if the reason they backed out was due to some contractual issues at Maxwell Place (where most retail tenants have been happy and had staying power), or whether it was just another bullshit “stuck in the mud” issue caused by the asshole control freaks at Hoboken City Hall (“mayor” don Zimmer & Co.)

Our bet is on the latter.

Oh well. Was looking forward to low-carb Swedish Meatballs for an easy dinner. Guess I’ll stick to making them myself (cheaper and probably better tasting too!)

Brod Kitchen backs out of Hoboken at Maxwell Place thanks don zimmer - Bröd Kitchen {not} coming to Hoboken

Bröd Kitchen – Coming to Maxwell Place in Hoboken, NJ

11/3/2015 Original post:

Bröd Kitchen coming soon Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place - Bröd Kitchen {not} coming to HobokenBröd Kitchen, a new bakery & eatery offering “artisanal breads” and other premium foods is coming to Maxwell Place in Hoboken (corner of 12th & Hudson, next to the soon to be open W. Kodak flagship jewelry store).

Bröd Kitchen is to 2015 as what Au Bon Pain was to the 80’s and 90’s it seems.

Without the fancy wording or hype – Bröd Kitchen is basically a bakery that also sells salads and sandwiches.

We think they’ll do just fine – and as a decent alternative to Starbucks across the street. With no short supply of stroller moms with deep pockets they should be able to make the rent with plenty to spare.

Here’s they say about themselves:

“Bröd means “bread” in Swedish, which is where our journey began. From flour to yeast, we bake our bread using ingredients that improve its quality and health benefits dramatically. Bröd Kitchen follows the same principles we use to make our breads throughout our entire menu, focusing on the best ingredients and the most health conscious preparation techniques.“

(411 note: “bread,” whether it’s gluten-free or not – offers ZERO “health benefits,” regardless if it’s “artisanal…”)

You can see the menu here, and decide for yourself! But fresh roast beef at $12/lb. ain’t so bad, and the nordic meatballs will surely taste better than IKEA!

Bröd Kitchen hoboken nj maxwell place - Bröd Kitchen {not} coming to Hoboken

Description: Bröd Kitchen artisanal bakery and eatery.
Address: 1100 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: brodnyc.comTwitterFacebook

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