KungFu Tea

KungFu Tea – Hoboken, NJ – 536 Washington St.

Taking the spot the previously doomed Copper Kettles occupied at 6th & Washington Street is KungFu Tea.

Some of you might be thinking – what? Another foreign business?

Well, if it’s run remotely like Vivi Bubble Tea downtown – this place will thrive. Even if it’s just Asian customers that frequent the place. Vivi downtown is ALWAYS busy, and a respectably run business (tasty chicken nuggets too!)

KungFu Tea is a national company with around 50 locations. 12 new ones opening this year alone.

So on the plus side, you have a business that will probably do well. On the negative side, most of their profits will probably get funneled out of the country. A trade-off you’ll have to decide if you can tolerate.

KungFu Tea Hoboken NJ - KungFu Tea

Description: A food/beverage operation that has targeted customers.
Address: 536 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 1-855-KFT-9888
Online: kfteausa.comTwitterFacebook

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