NJOY e-cig / vaping system {review}

New NJOY Daily & Convenience e-cig / vaping system

We don’t really smoke cigarettes anymore – however, back in the day when electronic cigarettes started hitting the scene – we wanted to see if they could help us replace or eliminate smoking.

NJOY daily - NJOY e-cig / vaping system {review}

All the brands we’ve tried in the past just failed to effectively take the place of smoking tobacco for two main reasons:

  • Too heavy to hold in your mouth.
  • Too much effort to “inhale.”

So this peculiar way of remaining addicted to nicotine never caught on with us.

This industry is evolving so fast – the name was shortened to “e-cig” and now even called “vaping.” Heck, Hoboken even has their own Vaping Van!

Recently, NJOY offered to send us samples of their newest line of vaping products. The “Daily,” which is a single-use, disposable e-cig (300 “puffs” which I imagine is equivalent to a pack of smokes). And the “Convenience Vaping System,” which is a fairly large 1amp battery stick, in which you attached 3ml flavor bottles too and puff away.

Like I said, we don’t really smoke – so testing these for purpose of review was purely to see how far these things have come since I last tried e-cigs.

The “Convenience” tank is truly a bizarre way to inhale something into your body. It’s nothing like a cigarette at all. Its more like holding a really thin drink with a straw. But BOY does that “vapor” come out strong and easy. Was almost taken aback by the volume of “vapor.” People who like the artificial cloud of vapor will really enjoy (haha NJOY) this alot.

The “Daily” disposable stick was surprisingly light, and the “vapor” came in very smoothly. Even easier than smoking a traditional cigarette. Still not the same weight either. It’s not one of those things you can just dangle on your lips. But the closest I’ve felt.

So you can possibly say that NJOY has upped the ante in the vaping world. If that’s your thing, of course.

NJOY convenience - NJOY e-cig / vaping system {review}

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