End of an era?

End of an era in Hoboken? The start of more “cookie cutter?”

Arriving back to Hoboken after a trip out of town was always familiar not too long ago. The area near Paterson & Jackson downtown always served sights that were unique to Hoboken. The dumpy Downtown Pub building, Vera’s Florist and the grumpy J&D Provisions store (who sold cheap wine and pizza before their demise).

Almost the exact opposite of places like, say, Rodeo Drive – but it still felt like you were “home” when you saw those older buildings.

Now we will have new cookie cutter condos instead.

While all this new stuff is modern, and certainly more clean looking – it lacks a certain “feel.” Not many newer buildings in Hoboken have any character of their own, regardless of how many units they can cram in or how energy efficient they are.

You can say it’s the end of an old era and the start of a new one – that leaves you a little empty inside.

end of an era hoboken nj jd provisions - End of an era?

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I will never forget the family that ran J&D. The father was a grumpy old man who would get mad if you ordered an egg sandwich and he had to turn the grill on. The son would smoke about 3 packs of cigarettes a day standing outside waiting for someone to come in and buy a pie his mother baked. They always felt they sat on a “goldmine” with their property….maybe they proved to be right.
I’d be curious if they sold the place or if they still hold out hope “pops” can reinvent their brand and this band of inbred misfits can once again rule this space. Imagine the euphoria when “pops” announced at the dinner table 10 or so years ago “Marge, Kids…. were gettin into the Pizza business!!!!!” Imagine the sheer glee that filled their humble abode.