Hoboken Deliveries – Introducing Packageman

Efficient package deliveries in Hoboken varies greatly.

There any many kinds of dwellings in town, some more suitable for getting your boxes and important documents than others. But in general you have just a few basic kinds of buildings:

  1. Single family homes (brownstones)
  2. Mutli-unit apartments / condos (with just “mailboxes”)
  3. Larger buildings (with just “mail rooms”) and
  4. Full-service buildings with doormen / concierges.

Numbers one and two have “hit or miss” type deliveries. They ring your bell, and if you’re not home – they’ll sometimes leave the box (often outside, or hidden), or you’ll get the dreaded “missed delivery” note.

Buildings like number three have “interior mail rooms,” and most often the courier leaves the boxes in the common area. While most properties have security cameras, this is not an effective deterrent, and boxes are nicked constantly all year round (especially near the holidays).

A doorman building is typically the safest of them all with constant coverage. But it’s a bit of a nuisance since other people know your business (where you shop, how often). Plus they all expect TIPS come holiday time (like your exorbitant rent or condo fees aren’t enough?)

This is why Packageman wants to help ease your shopping and delivery pains.


Packageman rescues shipments in Hoboken, NJ

There have been many “fly by night” package concierge type companies in the past. Hoboken Doorman tried enlisting local shops (and failed – because shops already do that for free), and we still have Go Postal – which also waits for you by the PATH train.

Packageman is a new startup from area resident Yashar Norvuz – with a basic premise: Have your packages shipped to them instead of your home address, and then schedule a delivery time which is convenient for YOU.

They hand-deliver 7 days a week, from 6pm to midnight, and offer either single delivery charges of $3.99 or “unlimited” monthly plans at $19.99 a month.

You want a risk-free way to try them out?

Get your first two deliveries FOR FREE by using code AWS4KX.

Any other ideas to improve package shipments in Hoboken?

In the past, we admittedly found these types of businesses a bit unnecessary – as we knew how to enlist the help of the local businesses we frequented.

However, not everyone is in the same boat – and not all businesses are open until midnight (when Packageman delivers until). So there are definitely some good reasons to consider an outside service to handle that “last mile” of the delivery to your home. The added guarantee of NO STOLEN boxes is a bonus (they’re insured nonetheless).


In speaking with Yashar – I had another idea for him to consider – and I think this might be pretty cool: BOX DISPOSAL.

If you’re like us, who seem to accumulate a mountain of cardboard, bubble-wrap and other cluttering shipping material – I think if they “unboxed” the stuff (with your permission of course), and just delivered the actual merchandise you ordered without the hassle of recycling, etc. would be awesome. Not sure if I’d pay an extra buck for that service – but imagine how streamlined your life would be if you never had to deal with that?

We’ll see if my idea is even good. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks like that.

Anyway – we wish Packageman good luck – especially with the busy holiday season approaching.

Description: Packageman delivery service
Address: 1701 Summit Ave., Union City, NJ 07087
Online: (use code AWS4KX for 2 free deliveries)


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