Chokin’ Hoboken

Putting the squeeze on – “Chokin’ Hoboken”

Adopting progressive ideals for yourself is one thing – force-feeding them on an entire city population is another.

As we’ve mentioned already, the recent implementation of both rigid bollards on the roads and the cost-prohibitive and limiting nextbike social bike sharing is without a doubt affecting Hoboken. And not necessarily in “happy, happy, joy, joy” ways.

It seems that no one took the existing conditions into consideration.

Yes, it’s true – that during peak times of commerce in Hoboken, delivery trucks (UPS, liquor distributors, Fresh Direct) can create tight squeezes at some intersections. I suppose that is one small price to pay for our so-called free-market economy. But at least those dicey situations are temporary.

Now, with these permanent restrictive eye-sores installed – we have a bigger problem.

  1. Those implements alone cause difficult navigating for larger vehicles (including crucial fire trucks).
  2. Where are those delivery trucks going to park now? EVEN MORE IN THE WAY THAN THEY WERE BEFORE!

It’s a lose-lose situation. Hopefully we can clean house one of these days, and “undo” these (only going to get worse) changes.

Chokin Hoboken no space for deliveries - Chokin' Hoboken

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 7:56 pm

Well said. It will be almost impossible to stop vehicles from finding a way. If they keep pushing this control, it will only adversely affect our local business economy and indirectly hurt the city itself. Tread carefully I say.

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