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Should politicians be banned from Hoboken Ragamuffin parade?

margaret obrien ragamuffin parade Hoboken NJ - Ragamuffin PoliticsEvery other year in Hoboken, the annual kid’s Halloween event – The Ragamuffin Parade – falls a few days before a local election.

And you know all politicians are opportunists, and view the event not as “for the kids exclusively,” but rather yet another chance to get face time in front of a crowd.

Local uptown crossing guard and highly-outspoken resident Margaret O’Brien recently shared her feelings:

“The Hoboken Ragamuffin Halloween parade and costume contest is this Saturday at high noon. It’s a nice family event and everyone enjoys seeing the kids and parents have fun with their creations.

But the politicians use this march to show off down the avenue. I wish they would stop trying to upstage the kids! This is their little candy holiday. Shame on them!

What will the mayor be this year, a witch like last year?”

Should the city enact some “self-imposed restraint” from the public eye, and let an event be just for the kids?

Don’t hold your breath.

PS – Above is a photo of Margaret admiring the holiday decorations available at the local Jersey City Home Depot. (Margaret is on the right).

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