Fake Hoboken Resiliency

What’s up with these fake Hoboken resiliency renderings?

There’s always talk about “resiliency” in Hoboken – especially after Hurricane Sandy swept in.

Is this just chatter to re-direct funds to the latest recipient (of other people’s money?)

Hundreds of millions of dollars floating around, mostly being given to “pie in the sky” Utopian visions of 100% protection from Mother Nature. Sure it’s possible that something good may come with striving to improve. But you’ll never beat Mother Nature. If you win in Hoboken, someone else loses elsewhere.

But what gets my goat are these psychotic renderings that accompany various press releases. Like the one below – which is wholly inaccurate! What is their psychological end goal?

  • For one, Pier C Park is already there. But they have this wooden pier, a swimming hole, and kayaks.
  • Then up above is some other kind of weird “stage” and what looks like a guy with a stick fighting 8 people.
  • Below, is a beach, with people swimming, umbrellas, and some creepy guy dressed in black right after he purse-snatched.
  • A roadway with no cars? (What are they smoking?)
  • And even more sailboats by Pier A Park.
  • Throw in the hot air balloon like that would work ANYWHERE near New York City. Ha!

I’m certain these images are designed to create a mental reaction of some kind. Otherwise, what would be the purpose to project obviously fake imagery? Where are the homeless people? The malfunctioning robotic trash bins?

fake hoboken NJ resiliency rendering

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This plan is so flawed its embarrassing. Every infrastructure decision this administration has made has been done without proper technical due diligence. This includes, but not limited to this resiliency project, the pumps on Observer and the rediculous solar compactors which are a total waste of taxpayers money. The Mayor has produced “improvements” to our city under a thin guise of effectiveness but if you dig into them you find they are just about worthless.

BTW has anything been issued that explains the new street parking modifications…exactly!