Weight Watchers & Oprah

Jeez louise – Weight Watchers & Oprah

Weight Watchers is an enigma to me. Their customer’s long-term weight loss success is minimal at best, “yo-yo” being more realistic. Their methodology is based less on (real) science and permanent success – and more on keeping their stupid-ass customers in the system as long as possible via complicated programs, short-term results, high-profit margin products, and an almost cult-like spell.

weight watchers oprah winfrey something aint right

And the MINUTE an extremely high-profile celebrity “figure” like Oprah Winfrey (and her $3+ billion net worth) buy into this program, you cannot help but be suspicious.

For one, she bought 10% of the company (after being down over 90% since it’s high stock price.) Her paper worth in the company surged $70 million dollars in the one day after she “bought in.”

That’s the equivalent of 1,400 people making $50,000 a year gross! (or what 511,000 people making $50k a year make in a day). Isn’t that sickening? “I made in one day what half a million people made in that same day! Fuck you all! Haha! Eat this pond scum!”

Let’s see the latest stock performance here:

Why did this happen?

Again, we know that Oprah “influences” many people. Perhaps that is why she both bought the stock (knowing she’d make a profit – or others coerced her to…) But based on performance alone, people were apparently waking up to the sham that Weight Watchers was.

What value does “Oprah” bring to a company like that other than a brand name and millions of lemmings that follow her?

Yeah – the more I think about it – perhaps this is all okay. Except for the fact that there are millions of lemmings who cannot research on their own – and rely on “figureheads” like Oprah to direct their lives. Who the fuck knows. Seems wrong on many levels to me.

Oh, there was also a story on that MSM publication “USA Today” as well – they perversely put a chunky white chick on the “weight watchers” story. She must have felt like total shit (on top of the several “fattening” references they made in this horrific story). Sad and comical at the same time:

This is America in 2015. You and I don’t get stock tips to withdraw our savings and invest a couple hundred grand in a stock that will double the next day. No way.

PS – this relatively skinny guy wasn’t too pleased to be “co-anchoring” this dopey story either! The hilarity continues!

USA today puts fat chick on Weight Watchers story with skinny guy

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What do those millennial tv kids know about any of this? Sounded more like an endorsement for WW.


If you’re resorting to WW, you’ve already failed.

BTW, when I saw the headline earlier in the week: “huge crack found in Wyoming” I wondered if Oprah was traveling out west.