Fire alarm at Stevens – Arrest made

4/25/2008 Update:

They caught the culprit!

“An arrest has been made in the Davis Hall incident. The individual involved is a student who resided in Davis Hall and has been suspended effective immediately. He will not be allowed to return to campus. He is in the custody of the Hudson County Prosecutors Office.

The leadership of our Campus Police and the cooperation of our students has resulted in the rapid conclusion to the investigation. We are fortunate that there were no injuries and no damage to the residence hall.

As an extra precaution, we are continuing our heightened security at Davis Hall. We want our students who live in that facility to feel safe and return to normal as quickly as possible. We are available throughout the weekend to talk with our students and address their concerns.

Thank you again to all those from the Stevens Community and the surrounding law enforcement agencies who helped us resolve this situation.”

4/25/2008 Update:

While I got my three hours of sleep today, one Stevens student sent this to Hoboken411:

“This seems like more than an electrical fire. I went outside after the alarm, did hear “electrical” from someone as well, but then they told all the students waiting outside to move into Hayden Lounge (the building next to Davis). Now they’ve herded us all into Canavan Arena and are supplying food and water (though that could just as easily be a result of the time and not the nature of the situation). Rumor going around is they’re also going to interview us all. Wonder if this is punishment for actually going to sleep at a decent hour for once?”


Not that this is normally relevant, as there are many false alarms at Stevens Institute, but there is currently a situation at Davis Hall (the location of the arson incident earlier this week).

It initially seemed as if there was some kind of electrical fire brewing on the 4th floor of that building. The same floor where the arson fire took place. It actually turned out to be a “book” in a closet on the 4th floor. Who sets books on fire?

Could be nothing, but thought it’d be worth mentioning due to the recent turn of events.


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JERSEY CITY — A Brick teen charged with setting a dorm fire and making threats at the Stevens Institute of Technology has been sentenced to three years probation.

In a written statement read in court by his lawyer, 19-year-old Zachary Siebel of Brick offered no excuses and said he was ‘ashamed of what I have done.”

Siebel was originally charged with lighting fires in a dormitory in April and threatening to blow it up.

The three counts of arson and one count of making terroristic threats were dismissed when he pleaded guilty to criminal mischief in October.

No one was injured and there was no major damage caused by the fires, but they triggered alarms and prompted evacuations.

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