Taco-Esque – 138 Park Ave. – Hoboken, NJ

new taco esque hoboken NJ - Taco-EsqueHmm, taking the place of the doomed Slider Street mini-burger joint over at 138 Park Avenue, is a place called “Taco-Esque.”

I wonder, does that mean this place will serve tacos that taste “taco-ish?” What does that name imply? Sort of like tacos?

Regardless – it appears that the former owners of Slider Street took all their expensive high-end stuff out of the establishment, and it looks like it did prior to the previous renovation (sort of like a basement?)

They appear to have three items: Tacos ($4 a pop), Sandwiches ($8 each) and Bowls ($9 per). They’re only open four hours per day from 5pm to 9pm. “Hey, they’re open 24 hours! Per week.”

You can get your food by picking up, delivery or “eat at the bar,” which looks like it has the capacity of one stool? Conservative estimate I guess.

Who knows, maybe the food is top-notch.

P1140833 720x405 - Taco-Esque

P1140830 720x405 - Taco-Esque

taco esque menu hoboken NJ 720x453 - Taco-Esque

Description: Tacos, sandwiches, bowls.
Address: 138 Park Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)656-7050
Online: Twitter

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