Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 {part 2}

Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 (part 2)

Continuing this fun holiday buying guide Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 – today we present part 2 – “Energy Savings!”

Energy Saving practical Christmas Gifts in 2015

Now honestly – when we say “energy saving,” we don’t mean for the fucking environment. No. Our environment is fine.

These are for the WALLETS of the citizens!

First step to determine if your intended recipient is a viable candidate – is to casually inspect their home or apartment. Savvy people can just look at what bulbs their using. Otherwise, a crafty investigator can simply unscrew a light bulb when they go to the bathroom – and tell them a “bulb blew out.” See what they come back with.

If they come back with incandescent – you have a prime candidate for an energy-saving Christmas gifts!

Three energy-saving (money-saving) Christmas Gifts

Like we mentioned above – if any of your friends and family are still using heavy-drain incandescent light bulbs – they are prime candidates for LED bulbs.

LED light bulbs have come a very long way in the past few years.

Just as recent as five years ago – most bulbs had that “cool” almost fluorescent color temperature. Very white, no “warm” feel.

Today? They make a much wider range of colors. From “soft white” (which mimics old bulbs), to “daylight” which is almost neutral in our opinion, and many are still that “cool white” which is useful in high-activity areas such as work spaces, etc.

CREE LED Light Bulbs

cree LED bulbWe’ve been using CREE LED light bulbs almost since the get-go. The prices have curiously been “unstable.” As low as $4 each just two years ago – they doubling in price, and now back down again. They’ve also varied the design quite frequently. But they’re still awesome. And at a mere fraction of what a similarly bright regular bulb would cost to operate. I think the ROI is less than a year. And then you can reap the benefits for a decade into the future or more. Well worth the minor investment.

60W CREE LED Bulbs are a good starting point for most general applications (including dimming). Be careful when looking at other brands (like Philips, Sylvania and GE – as you need to see whether they have dimming capabilities). Note that currently, as you go up in wattage and brightness (75W or 100W – the cost is substantially more). We feel CREE is the best – and when 100W CREE LED Bulbs go to well under $8-10 each, our interest will increase. (They’re about $19 now).

Additionally – even if they are “dimmable,” they still might need what is called a “digital dimmer,” which is a specially calibrated light switch that caters to the unique way the LED bulbs are essentially mini-computers.

Rechargeable batteries – why isn’t everyone using them?

nimh batteriesIn 2015, I’m surprised that people still buy disposable alkaline batteries for anything.

Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries will probably save you 90% in cost over their lifetimes compared to alkaline.

We used to like eneloop batteries – but their cost has gone up significantly – and they never get the number of charges they claim (2100 times). Ours have been petering out with just a hundred charges – even with battery conditioning.

So we’ve opted for SunLabz NiMH batteries instead. They seem to work just fine – at a much lower cost.

They make a really nice charger as well (12 slots), for under $30.

Good to have a place to keep them too!

battery organizers

A dedicated drawer with battery organizers is a good way to store your supply.

Anker adjustable LED desk lamp

LED desk lampLED lamps have come a long way as well – and include some nice benefits not previously available: adjustable color temperature.

We like the Anker LUMOS desk lamp (under $50).

It’s nice to be able to make the light super bright and white for when you want to be productive – or warm up the light for reading in bed, etc.

The bulbs supposedly last over 20 years, so you’ll never be without light, either!

There’s also a USB charging port which could come in handy for the various e-devices everyone has these days (phones, tablets). It’s powered at 2 amps – which is more than sufficient for everything.

In case you don’t like that design – there are a plethora of LED desk lamp styles to choose from!

Don’t forget to catch up on previous Practical Christmas Gift ideas, either!

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