Practical Christmas Gifts 2015

Smart move for 2015: Practical Christmas Gifts

We’ve touched on this in the past – and with a little over two months left until Christmas – we’re starting early this year (some people like planning ahead!)

Smart, practical Christmas gifts are the best gifts to give!

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What are practical Christmas gifts exactly?

Practical Christmas gifts really have quite a broad description. They can:

  • be useful gifts
  • provide value
  • go beyond entertainment and recreation
  • improve life

Much of what we’ll recommend may include (improved) items that people already own – but haven’t had the foresight to update themselves as to what has changed in the past few years.

And others will be relatively unknown, but useful nonetheless. But almost NONE of what we will recommend with include digital or socially-connected apparatus. That is NOT practical by any means.

Three practical Christmas gifts you can give to anyone in 2015!

We’ll start out this week’s installment with some often-overlooked “fundamentals.” The objective of this series is to either group them into a “similar category” – or even provide random practical gifts, but provide different price points depending on your budgets.

In case you’re wondering – our family gift-giving guidelines this year will be something along the lines of “Any useful item under $25 per person” (or some close iteration of that – depending on what feedback we get). We may raise the dollar limit.

So let’s get started with three suggestions. (We’ll put #411owns next to all products we can personally vouch for).

Today’s recommendations are pretty “sharp!”

Quality sharp instruments are often over-looked!

Precision cutting is one category of practicality that doesn’t get much attention. Most people “deal with” sub-standard products ALL THE TIME without truly understanding the value of upgrading their tools. A quality instrument, while costing a little bit more – is well worth the added expense. In either longevity or performance.

Here are three things that you (or your gift recipient) would appreciate for a long time to come!

Toe-nail clippers have come a long way!

quality toe nail clippers hoboken nj - Practical Christmas Gifts 2015Yeah, a subject not often talked about. But I bet most of you only know the toe-nail clippers that you can readily buy at Rite Aid, CVS or the local supermarket. Those are mass-produced pieces of shit.

For just a couple dollars more – you can own (or give as a gift) a precision made instrument that everyone would see the immediate improvement for what is otherwise considered a mundane task. Especially toe-nails.

Some guys have super-thick nails that ordinary clippers just suck to use. Hard to clip. Clumsy. Ineffective. Below are a few that #411owns and can stand by:

  • Vaulua Nail Clipper (#411owns – pictured) – We bought this last summer for $12. Best design for a nail clipper I’ve ever encountered. Wide opening, great leverage and sharp as hell. Hard to find these days.
  • KlipPro #1 Best Large Nail Clipper (#411owns) – Also a great clipper, with an amazing nail file built in if you need it. It will never wear out, and has handy cutouts that prevent slippage. Also around $12. What a practical gift idea.

Ditch the shitty, dull scissors once and for all!

milwaukee scissors best you will ever own - Practical Christmas Gifts 2015In 2015, I became a little bit of a “scissor freak.” After dealing with shoddy scissors that either became loose, cut poorly or just plain stopped working, I set out to to permanently solve that quagmire.

And buying scissors doesn’t necessarily mean “one size fits all.” It’s quite practical to own several different kinds of scissors, depending on the tasks you might need them for. Below are some recommendations (and #411owns all of these, too):

  • Milwaukee Scissors – these scissors will never become loose, and can cut through practically anything. The “Mercedes Benz” of all purpose scissors in my opinion. Under $25, and will be long appreciated.
  • Any Clauss Scissors – They used to sell these at Home Depot – but apparently they stopped. But these are seriously quality instruments. We own the “fine cut” scissors (for precision cuts for artwork or crafts – just $5), the “bent titanium shear” which is ridiculously practical ($7), and the “Kevlar Snip” ($14) which is so useful, you won’t believe you lived without it!

A pocket knife comes in handy more often than you think

milwaukee fastback spring pocket knife - Practical Christmas Gifts 2015Yeah, I know the drill. Pocket knives “offend” everyone nowadays. But they are not illegal. You only ALLOW them to be “deemed” illegal. Shit, they sell them at the hardware store. Why is it illegal to carry one with you? Don’t accept that bullshit!

Pocket knives are so damn useful. Opening boxes. Cutting cords or rope. Having a quality sharp edge on you is important. Even as a means of survival (“just in case!”)

Anwyay – here are some of my favorite pocket knives (for a budget at least):

  • My favorite is the Milwaukee Fastback Spring Pocket Knife (#411owns). Opens as fast as a switch blade, and is insanely rugged and sharp. Under $30 bucks, with a serrated blade. Primo quality, regardless of where it was made.
  • Any Gerber Knife is good – and more importantly, affordable. We own at least a dozen. While they’re not “unbreakable,” (we’ve ruined a few doing things we shouldn’t have used a knife for), but most are so inexepensive – they’re like leftover chopsticks in your utility drawers. Always one available.

There are countless pocket knives you can purchase. From the “swiss army” to various other iterations (hunting, survival, utility, carving, etc.)

But having at least a few on hand is a good idea. From the micro-size ones, all the way up to the heavy-duty kind – you’d be surprised how handy they are.

Stay tuned to the next Practical Christmas Gift installment on Hoboken411!

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Friday, October 23, 2015 1:27 pm

Amen on the milwaukee recommendations. Their tools are a big step up. Quality brand across the board.

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