Safe Zones (in a Hollywood world)?

How can “safe zones” even co-exist with Hollywood?

Take a look at this video – which briefly touches on some of the recent changes at some (what were once considered) prestigious higher education institutions:

“Safe zones” for those with rubber spines, weak wills, and complete incapacity to stand by their beliefs. The adult equivalent of sucking their thumbs in a dark closet with their teddy bear muttering “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

It seems so illogical – but it is happening – WTF?

I’m a little bit amazed at the crazy contradictions and almost feasibly impossible double-standards that exist these days.

Most Hollywood productions (Movies, and even many TV and cable shows) are ridiculously trashy. They could easily be called “offensive” by most (indoctrinated) people these days. But amazingly, there are no pitchforks and torches calling for the abolishment of 99.9% of shows. Those productions reap millions of dollars of profit!

Heck, only people like Donald Trump are being chastised for mere verbal comments (most of the time taken out of context – or “inferred” to be offensive).

Attacking the EGO directly. This is what is happening!

I think I’ve honed in to why this is happening (how “offensive” material in movies doesn’t enrage people, but simple “I disagree” sentiments drive people bananas).

A movie (or even the news) – fictional, fantasy or “reality” isn’t really directed (PERSONALLY) at the viewer. Even though the subject matter could easily be considered “offensive” (like gun violence, rape, etc.)

But a simple dissenting (personal) viewpoint that goes against YOUR (personal) viewpoint – oh boy, look out – social justice must be achieved! YOU offended ME!!!

Just as “selfies” have overcome society (i.e., narcissism), so has what truly offends someone. A simple opinion now makes people nuts. Literally.

All it does is promote (lack of) empathy

I think this oxymoron of “offending” material on TV or in movies not “offending” anyone, yet – something as simple as an opposing viewpoint on (say, abortion, immigration, gender equality) is fascinating.

A person can tolerate distasteful racial jokes, gratuitous violence or disrespect (fictional or not), raw, degrading sexual humor IN AN ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM, yet find someone who disagrees with them (and could quite possibly offer a logical reason why) – these people, like the three monkeys – just shut down and cannot function. Useless, inept, and misguided.

What does that tell you?

It tells you they completely lack empathy towards others.

The fictional productions (or even “bad news” of real life war and violence) does not phase them – because they are personally far-removed.

But the minute someone simply has a viewpoint (say on marriage) that disagrees with theirs – they go into maddening inconsolable tirades. Mentally unstable, in my opinion. Or better yet, completely retarded. Those people are the truly intolerant ones!

That video we posted in the article was right. When we reach the point where the entire country is “traumatized” by simple shit like this – then the final curtain will be ready to fall. Now’s the time to truly plan ahead (especially if you have kids – or are planning to!)

It appears the grand master plan for this latest generation approaching or recently reaching adulthood – is, for lack of a better word – DOOMED!

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