Lost: Cell Phone in taxi


Burning the midnight oil. Well, I always do that. But it’s going to be a long next few days as I prepare to escape the matrix for a couple days.

nokia-phone.jpgAnyway, did you find a silver Nokia phone in the past couple days?

Here’s what Hoboken411 reader Melinda has to say about her “antique:”

“I lost my cell phone in a Hoboken Taxi or on the 126 Bus — not sure which – but more likely a Hoboken Tax on Tuesday night 4/22/08. It is an old NOKIA phone – silver. I has a lock on it so that you can’t make a phone call without the password. While an older cell phone, I am still hoping to get it back. If a good Samaritan out there has it, please contact Melinda at melin10@optonline.net. I have always gone out of my way to return any lost items I have ever found, so I am hoping I have some good karma that will bring my lost cell phone back to me! “

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Even with a password on the phone, someone can take your sim-card out, put it in a new phone, and use your account. You should call the phone company to report it stolen.