WTF? Playboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine is screwed

Glanced at this NY Times article last week about Playboy Magazine pretty much removing the “nudity” from their publication.

They blamed all the free-erotica on the internet, and will focus more on “articles.”

They even claimed that their readership skyrocketed as a result.


Hugh Hefner Playoy Magazine

The entitlement society is destructive

I couldn’t care less what happens to Playboy Magazine, despite their “impact” on society for the last several decades.

Sure, they were in a prime place before technology watered down pretty much the entire world – but businesses do come and go based on the supply / demand formula.

But what bugged me the most about that “article” in the lib-tard times – were the comments from so-called readers (how many of them were “real” is unknown).

The tone was disturbing to me. Most had this “evolve or die” mentality – like “Hey, I can get free porn online, why should I pay for Playboy?”

looks are all that matter

Cut off the ear to spite the foot

Almost ALL of those scumbags that were proudly proclaiming they could get free porn online – were probably also the same douche-bags that employ “ad blocking.”

It’s a matter of time before those “free” porn sites begin blocking people who employ those advertisement-restricting users.

And what will happen then? Either they un-block the ads – or they start paying (someone else) for crappy quality erotica. Playboy always had the “hottest,” most beautiful ladies in their pictorials (photoshopped, plastic-surgery notwithstanding).

Again, the general tone from commenters was like “Sorry, Playboy – we get free shit.” The entitlement was without deep thought.

Like who procures such material for those soulless people to “enjoy?” Where is the appreciation beyond self? How selfish can society be? Would you go to work for free?

We’ll opine later about this ad-blocking group of assholes. They’ll be the first to complain when quality content disappears from the web (which it will). You’ll all be left with an outcome you’ll certainly later regret. This is not a suggestion – but the truth. But it’ll be too late once you realize it.

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