What if the internet went away?

The internet went away – Is it possible?

We’ve opined a few times about the influence high-speed digital communication has had on our society. From our favorite (“Look Up” – the missed opportunities by being heads down), to how high quality video productions have given people viable alternatives to “big Hollywood.”

Heck, even Playboy Magazine has apparently been forced to change because of all the free porn available to all the entitled whackers out there.

But what if the internet went away. I mean – nowhere to be found. “Cannot connect?”

What if the internet went away

The world would be fucked without the internet

Almost 100% of our lives is reliant on the internet these days. I’ll mention the first things that come to mind:

  1. Communication (emails, texts – yes some go through IP, social media, video chat)
  2. research (history, finance, recipes, general know-how)
  3. entertainment (video, games, erotica, music)
  4. “News” (although news should be avoided)
  5. Instant information (weather, scores, conversions, etc.)
  6. And everything else in-between, like reading (documentation, fictional and non-fictional works), shopping (everything you need a few clicks away), and much more.

How much do you do that does NOT have some kind of dotted line to the “interwebs?”

What do you suspect would happen with no internet?

It would be a shit-show for sure.

But luckily, not 100% of the people living on this planet are connected to the web. Most in our country, but there are still plenty of people who get by just fine without using the web (or directly and indirectly related services).

However, it may not impact them straight up – but how would it impact the other things in their lives? Like doctors, supermarkets, delivery companies, etc.?

I suspect that if the entire internet was just shut down one day – lots of things (despite not looking like a website or app) would still be severely impacted to the point where it affects almost everyone – whether they’re avid users of technology or not. Banking and logistics being some of the worst affected.

no internet we are all fucked

Can you make yourself “internet-proof?”

How would one make themselves “internet-proof” anyway?

My guess it would be to adopt the “prepper” mentality.

It would involve having sufficient survival material (food, shelter, water, clothing, medicine, fuel, transport, etc.) As well as money, potential barter goods, and a means to defend yourself.

Add on to that some old-school analog communication devices (walkie-talkies, HAM / CB radio and other props, including even a bull-horn for long-distance needs). Of course flashlights, matches, and all the other survival crap you can think of.

Kind of freaky to think like this – but we’re so many generations removed from “immediate contact.” We’d have to go back to the days before telephony to understand how people lived (and survived just fine.)

You can argue that it’s “nutty” or even “fringe” to even think of needing any kind of “preparedness,” but just 40 years ago, we didn’t have this potential problem. And people were WAY more capable of handling disruptions in their lives (i.e., they relied much less on outside systems…)

This type of theoretical thought always leads me back to the Amish. Whether you want to call them a freaky religious cult or not – they have real skills. Which is something one can be proud of – and rely on.

Forget survival – most will die from lack of entertainment

… And fulfillment of their narcissistic endeavors.

So silly of me – my initial thoughts were pragmatic – the crippling of everyday luxuries we take for granted.

But I forgot about the “Me, Me, Me!” society of 2015! .
I don’t think most people today would be worrying about how they get money, food or from point A to B. No siree!

They’d be more worried that they cannot “share” the crisis they’re having with the rest of their 1,000 (faux) friends. I can imagine how many skulls would simply explode because they’re “silent” while the world is running down. A four-million square mile area filled with chickens running without heads. Holy crap!

Here’s a great track from The Police that should sum up how you should approach things if SHTF:

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