Council debates are worthless

Hoboken Council Debates are essentially worthless

Hoboken City Council Debates worthlessDoesn’t matter what the political venue is anymore.

Doesn’t matter if it’s the “bottom of the rung” Hoboken Council or the Office of the President.

Modern day political debates are shit.

The most you’ll ever see is whether the person is capable of putting a sentence together. That’s it!

When candidates are given 30 or 60 seconds to speak, about all they can do is produce “sound bites.” No TRUE political discussion takes place (no offense to any good capable candidates, it’s just not logistically possible).

Casting your vote solely based on whether one person had better “zingers” or not – is dumb. Some of the best speakers in the world are sleazy sales people. What does that tell you?

Even if they have slick campaign material, or a catch-phrase laden website, hired the “of the moment” political team, or have sufficiently “practiced” at home to come across as presentable – that is still not enough.

When will enough people “wake up” and understand that it is NOT about “image” (marketing) – but rather SOUND IDEAS and the wherewithal to actually execute those ideas effectively. “How are you going to accomplish this?” – “Who is going to help you?” – “What roadblocks do you face, and how do you overcome them?” Should be the questions and the debate.

A few centuries ago (and before the demise of the American Attention Span – “A.A.S.”), political debates lasted all-day, often over the course of several days. They spoke in depth. With incredibly granular detail. Good luck with that nowadays. Fakebook would permanently crash if any video lasted more than an hour.

Meet the candidates in person, out of the spotlight

You want real (positive) change? You want to have honest representation in the “ward” you live in?

The only way to get enough from a particular candidate – is to encounter them personally – and try to carve out an hour of their time. Ask tough (not softball) questions.

More importantly – ask incumbents to explain their historical actions, or their nepotism, and (for don Zimmer supporters) their lack of ability to reduce the size of government rather than burden future property taxpayers with “accouterments” like road paint that will be an ongoing expense in perpetuity until it is discontinued.

Anyway – they had a talent show “debate” at the end of September for the 2nd, 5th and 6th Ward council candidates. See videos below. At least they were moderated by a decent human being (Bob Bowdon).

The next “debate” for 1st, 3rd, and 4th Ward council candidates is this Thursday over at the Multi-Service Center at 7pm.

(Have you read this far? Good! Don’t you think it’s scary how FEW American citizens realize that this many “layers” of government across the country is out of fucking control? When local, state and federal “employees” outnumber the rest of the nation combined – you have a serious fucking problem!)

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