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Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesOne of the “movies” out this week is called Bridge of Spies. It stars likeable star Tom Hanks.

But I’m not sure I’ll ever watch this kind of flick anymore.

Not sure if you’ve noticed over the past few decades – that many movies “foretell” the future a bit. I don’t know why they do – maybe for ego reasons, who knows.

Think Minority report, (TV series) “24,” Armageddon, Twister, all sorts of other “fear mongering” tails.

Some of them actually just sell an idea (or fear) without any truth (like the environmental “issues” that are plaguing NO ONE).

I find the phenomenon that “Hollywood” would ever dare “foretell the future” quite fascinating. Because there are so many “tugging strings” at play, and since Hollywood is in what they call the “fantasy land” I suppose they can get away with “leaking” a few secrets they’re privy to. Who the fuck knows.

But one thing for sure I DO know – is that you’ll see various “genres” or “subjects” of movies come out in fast succession (i.e., the doomsday movies, etc.) I do believe those are a premonition to what is coming. Odd how that works.

Hoboken Movie Trailer: Bridge of Spies

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