Simplify your life {not what you think}

In 2016, “simplify your life” is is impossible for most of you

We’ve all heard the phrase “simplify your life,” right?

To some, that has always meant removing the things that “clutter” your mind, and deprive you of time. To cease activities that are either destructive, time-consuming, or costly. It covers a wide-spectrum of things that humans have introduced into their lives beyond basic necessity. It’s happened to all of us.

But we have a refined look at what simplifying your life means nowadays. And it mostly has to do with: Technology, entertainment and “socialization.” It’s getting worse by the day, isn’t it?

Too much information – distractions – competitions

Thanks to the internet and other communication technologies – we all have a vast sea of information at our fingertips (literally).

(cue obligatory statement)

Yes, this has had positive effects. Sharing information is great. When it is truthful and straightforward. But thanks to the human condition of dishonesty – it’s safe to say half the information “out there” is false or at the very least misleading.

To make matters worse – we have a clusterfuck of psychologically damaging forms of entertainment as well.

  • Addictive serial television.
  • Streaming shows.
  • Sporting events, celebrities, politics and all other “news.”

They have you hooked. But they don’t give a crap about you, as long as you’re looking at it and caring about it.

But all this non-stop information has left almost everyone with little to no time to carefully think about and contemplate what they’re ingesting. Because the next thing swoops in before you’ve formed a long-term memory.

Here’s a user video of one of my favorite songs from The Police called Too much Information: See lyrics here if you can’t comprehend.

(And this came out before “social media!” Can you imagine what Sting thinks today?)

Simplify doesn’t always mean less – but better quality

To put it bluntly – the best way to simplify (improve) your life right NOW would be the following few steps:

  1. Cancel your television subscription (this includes sporting events)
  2. Delete (or stop using) any and all social media platforms
  3. Cease all mainstream news and media publications, magazines, papers

Why did I only pick three things to remove?

Because they will have the most profound impact on your life.

What do you mean better quality?

I don’t care what statistics say. I see the world with my own two eyes. And the problem is that almost everyone is heads down on their phones. Doing something other than being in the physical location they’re at.

By simply understanding your surroundings, kind of feeling “at home” with where you are, without that crutch of (faux) reality you have in your hand is a big achievement.

Simplifying your life doesn’t necessarily mean “cut everything out.” No way!

time and productivityIt means removing the distracting things, and focusing towards productive and useful things.

Instead of wasting 100 hours a month watching various forms of entertainment (shows, movies, sports, fakebook), imagine what you can accomplish with that re-claimed time?

You could learn a new skill. Heck, even a new language.

I don’t know – but I’ve seen the effects of what a social “mob” has on people.

It changes them. The world is becoming this raging sea of influences that seem to affect everyone. Whatever cause, sad event, blah fucking blah.

I see all those things (mostly entertainment) as utter wastes of time. Sure if you had an profoundly productive week and are all caught up in your work and want to watch a movie or two – sure. But daily entertainment quotas should not be necessary.

More about quality vs. quantity

We all have the exact same 24 hours a day (unless you have a staff of illegals doing tons of leg-work for you!) That incredibly-efficient vlogger Casey Neistat had an interesting video about his day. He only sleeps four hours a night – because he thrives on “doing things.”

Like I mentioned earlier – he is a very UNIQUE case. Insanely one of a kind. Because he’s driven, obsessive and outrageously efficient. Something that 99.9% of you will NEVER EVER be. He’s an anomaly. An outlier. Odds are you’ll never reach his status. Ever. You cannot be him. Ever. Not today. Not tomorrow.

But about the 24 hours we all have each day – think about where you “invest” your limited hours on a daily basis. What are you doing?

Are you just working on being narcissistic? (Beauty, fitness, style?)

Are you working on being popular? (photos, places, people, things?)

Or are you doing things for yourself. And keeping it to yourself?

Keeping things to yourself. Unheard of in 2016!

This is an interesting point. Wow.

If I told you the things I’ve done, experiences I’ve had, and the places I’ve been in the past couple years – you’d be blown away. It’s amazing. But I’m not going to do that. Use your imagination.

Because those moments are MINE. And mine only.

Doing profound things in my opinion, do NOT require validation from anyone else but ME. They were my experiences, not anyone else’s! Because someone says “Wow! Beautiful!” on some stupid social networking platform doesn’t change my feelings when I was there. Why does everyone else do that?

Unplug. Live. Love. DO.

As the social networking virus phenomenon continues to expand outward – we’ve contracted – and for the better.

Sorry if you don’t comprehend what we’re saying. It’s not easy to, unless you’ve experienced it. But trust me, it’s for the better.

By unplugging from the maniacal world out there – and managing less things, caring about fewer people and focusing on what you do best – is a formidable option for almost everyone.

One of the keys is to recognize how you’re just a “monetary unit” for the big businesses out there. And that you can live quite fruitfully without all those high-tech tools and communication platforms.

Having 1000 or 5000 friends doesn’t really add much to your life. In fact, it probably makes it worse.

To conclude – simplify your life by cutting out the distractions, non-stop updates, and other crap you’re constantly checking. It is affecting you way more than you believe.

You just need to step away for a while to really see it.

Lastly – individual contentment

We recently talked about “what is your life” as well as sharing perspectives from a self-sufficient farmer. Those are important aspects to understand. Why?

Well, because individualism is being destroyed somehow.

Being alone, not only physically – but with your own thoughts is profoundly necessary for the human brain to thrive.

What I see when I canvass the streets is people who are uncomfortable being alone. They need some “connection,” whether it’s real or not. They feel naked, vulnerable and uncomfortable unless they’re “connecting” with someone else at all times (even if it’s not sincere) on social networks.

This is why I admire the people that can create things in their own space. Individually. (Businesses like Eat Metal come to mind). They’re like virtuoso’s. Brilliance in their isolation. Happy with their focus. Something that is missing today. Everyone is inept and somehow reliant on everyone else. Like the blind leading the blind!

The bottom line is (literally) – Simplifying your life is not necessarily about removing all cluttering aspects – but really the social, money, (mainstream) entertainment and all other superficial crap out of your life.

Learn a craft. Do it for yourself. Don’t feel the need to “share” every minute detail of the random garbage you encountered each day. Just don’t do it.

Dump your Sunday football “boyfriend” as well as your stupid Jersey – and find your way to a Michael’s craft store – and build something you’ve never built before. And for the guys – dump that superficial celebrity-copying broad you have hanging around, and learn how to build a tool bench, work cart or how to improve your kitchen lighting.

Have faith in yourself? Are you strong enough?

simplify your life in 2015 2016

Footnote: The way things are today?

Here’s a little footnote to this updated edition.

It’s possible – while these evidently negative affects are not good, it’s what a large portion of society is these days – – – whatever the reason millions of people provide.

I think arming yourself with self-contained knowledge and real experience is profoundly one of the best investments of your time you can imagine.

No, not trying to “alarm” anyone – but for those who have their ears to the ground are seeing what we’re seeing as well. It’s just a matter of where, when, how (and eventually “why!”)

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