The truth about 5k runs

Doug Stanhope on 5K runs and “fun runs” for raising awareness

Sure we’ve mentioned way more 5K runs in Hoboken (and other cities) than we’ve wanted to in the past 10 years.

So much in fact, that we started to see the light on why there are so many. They’re all for “charity”next to none are purely for “sport.”

I don’t know. But promoting the 5K runs has gotten tiring. I think it’s natural to feel this way. Because something isn’t right.

I recently stumbled upon this enlightening and humourous routine from comedian Doug Stanhope. It’s more truth than you think.

He says:
“Raising awareness is another form of doing NOTHING! Raising awareness is me standing next to a drainage ditch. Where a guy just hit a goat with his moped on the highway. And now they’re in the ditch laying in the muck with compound fractures and the dude has a bone sticking through his leg, the fuckin’ goat has a bone sticking through his fur, they’re both laying there in agony. And I’m “raising awareness” by standing above them shouting down an empty highway: “LOOK! LOOOK! EWWWW!” and they’re going “NO, HELP! HELP!” – No, no, no – it’s WAY easier just to go “Loook!”

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:57 am

I used to be open to fundraisers and other events. But we realized that it was psychologically wrong. The amount of pleading and money was not adding up.

Anyone that gets roped in to donate to most of these causes needs help.I’ll never donate a penny again!

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