nextbike is costly (as well as limiting)

nextbike in Hoboken is very limited (not a real bike replacement)

I’m sure you’ve seen the nextbike racks going up all over town. Well besides the annoying clutter they’re creating, they also have a very “complex” pricing model – which makes it difficult to figure out what your annual costs will be depending on how you use them (if you use them). It’s no wonder why the nextbike website doesn’t display their prices.

They have single pass (per use) pricing, and annual memberships (which cost $95 per year, with reduced rates), as you can see on their (ripe for vandalism) kiosks.

However, the costs can add up. VERY short rides are $2.15 per use, or “free” with the annual plan. But go up significantly once you go over half an hour, and become ridiculously exorbitant for longer rides.

nextbike takes the fun out of riding a bicycle in Hoboken NJ 720x359 - nextbike is costly (as well as limiting)

A lazy Sunday bike ride around Hoboken? Fugghedaboutit!

If you wanted to bike around Hoboken every Sunday, say go up to Edgewater for a bit – maybe check out Jersey City. Or just sit on a bench along Sinatra Drive while you eat your banana enjoying the NYC skyline.

A total ride of around four hours once per week.

It would cost over $4,000 per year with the “single pass” plan, and $3,000 per year on the annual plan. Just to casually ride their stupid bikes for a couple hours once a week!

Fuck that!

Hidden Secrets about nextbike bike sharing rental Hoboken New Jersey 720x375 - nextbike is costly (as well as limiting)

nextbike has just a few ideal uses

Okay, to be fair – if your only intention is to go from your apartment (racks are no more than a few blocks from everyone), down to the PATH station every morning. Then back home in the evening. It’s only $95 per year – the cost of the annual plan (would cost over $1,000 to do that pay per ride). Okay.

And for the person who runs a couple errands a week and is too lazy to walk – sure.

The minute you add a few longer than 30-minute trips each month – the costs goes up into the hundreds – even with the annual plan. Like Chinese water torture, you’ll be financially suffering soon enough.

But why limit the use of bikes to just these short utilitarian trips? Just like those hourly car rentals like ZipCar or Enterprise CarSharethey sure keep you on a “short leash.”

That’s a terrible trend if you ask me.

It takes away “exploration,” and adds annoying “pit stops” at each and every rack if you want to “stop the meter” and not get charged. Doesn’t that take the spontaneity out of freedom of movement? To complete some administrative task each step of the way? That gets tiring in a hurry.

Almost no reason NOT to own a bike in Hoboken

I often hear people whining about not having a place for a bike in their apartment. Bullshit. I don’t know of ANY apartment that you can’t store your bike somewhere. Either in a basement, hallway or even locked outside.

Are there really apartments in Hoboken where it is absolutely impossible to own a bike? I don’t know of any – but I’m sure they are WAY in the minority.

You can get a Stowabike dual-suspension FOLDING mountain bike on Amazon for $139. Delivered. No tax. Plus, you can exercise your brain and fine-tune your mechanical skills in the process when you put the bike together. By hand, and by reading the instructions. Plus, since it folds – you have NO excuse. Just slide it under your bed or something!

Getting people (suckers) to buy into these group sharing scams are the equivalent to “hidden taxes” in my opinion.

Instead of a free market where you can decide where to spend your money, and whom to give it to – this whole cockamamie progressive “feel good eco-garbage” just funnels ALL the money to one place. Don’t you see that?

Limited freedom and just a few people benefit. Because you got brainwashed into the whole socialistic bike share CON. Yep. It’s all a con. Remember, Cui Bono?

Stowabike 720x320 - nextbike is costly (as well as limiting)

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Why do I think these Bike Racks, Kiosks, etc will be completely gone within 3 years just like those fancy pay phone booths from 5-6 years ago.. I mean who the hell doesn’t have a cell phone? Is the city (a.k.a. us sucker taxpayers) on the hook for any of the expense of this nonsense? How many $139 bikes could be bought with the investment being made with this nonsense?


The city has gone through what two or three different bike share programs in the past already? When will next bike be shunned for citi bike, then citibke goes out of business and a new partner comes in. This is the two wheeled version of Solyndra. Who is getting filthy rich because of this nonsense is what I want to know. These dumb bikes are not too nimble either. All it takes is for some front rim recall which broke the necks of dozens of limp-wristed liberals to flush this ride down the toilet.