Selfie Hell

Selfie Hell – No apologies required for taking photos!

Al Roker offends people then apologizes selfie hell - Selfie HellI’ve recently become a bit dismayed at the whole “selfie” revolution. (Or you can call it selfie hell if you want…)

To be honest, I think “selfies” (getting you or a group of you in a shot you took yourself), are the worst form of photography and the best form of narcissism you can find. Despite the negative connotations, people are doing it like there’s no tomorrow.

That includes ego-driven “media personalities” like that bobble-headed buffoon Al Roker – who somehow still seems to have a “career” over at NBC New York.

They schlep this bone-headed egotist to various places (only because he’s considered a “commodity” because he’s well-recognized.) And he was “on scene” at the revenue generating flooding disaster in South Carolina.

Don’t you find it odd that people feel essentially obligated to “capture the moment,” but only if THEY ARE ALSO IN THE MOMENT?

Shit, I remember if I took photos of some kind of “memorable” event back in the day – we used to let the EVENT SPEAK FOR ITSELF – without having to involve us in it. What compels almost everyone to get their UGLY face into the photo? Is that some kind of watermark that proves anything at all? I don’t think so.

Al Roker is a pussy

So I’ll quickly summarize.

He took a selfie of himself and his crew. People naturally smile for cameras, it’s automatic. Shit happens.

Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) attacked this spineless man, and he immediately apologized (“I apologize for being so insensitive”) on social medial vomit-networks. “I’m sorry I offended.”

What kind of crap is that? A real man would have responded: “Get over yourselves! I FEEL sorry for those who easily get offended by a victim-less act.”

For one – he owes no one an explanation for his life. He didn’t HURT anyone, he merely took a photograph. Yes, I hate selfies in general. Especially in front of tragedies. But even if someone wanted to snap a pic (with a smile) in front of a burning building – it doesn’t change the course of what actually happened. So… what is the problem? (Other than narcissism?)

But at the same time – when a TV reporter is “on scene” at an active crisis (fire, flooding, etc.) Don’t they stand in front of the camera with the event as the backdrop? “Behind me is a terrible four-alarm blaze firemen are battling….” THOSE NEWS REPORTS ARE ESSENTIALLY “SELFIES” TOO! Aren’t they?

You can argue this 100 times differently. You can pick a position. You can assume things, and so on. But one thing remains impossible to change. Al Roker should never have to “apologize” for anything. And the fact he did – means he’s one pussy you’ll never want on your team. EVER.

Al Roker had a prime opportunity to step up his game. He needed to “push back” at the social media mob that chastised him, ganged up on him. He blew it big time. And took the easy way out succumbing to the mob.

Fuck all those haters.

The “offended” trend needs to be derailed. Unfortunately it’ll take at least a couple generations before that can happen, if ever.

PS- I’ll contradict my story a bit, by maybe alluding to the fact that Al Roker just “doesn’t get it.” Maybe he truly is a victim of his own egotism and narcissism with decades of repetitive reinforcement in the artificial world of media. It’s possible. Maybe he can be saved somehow.

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