Saving Parking Spaces

Hoboken Library no-no: Saving parking spaces!

The Hoboken Public Library always tries to make themselves appear special in the community. They get tons of property taxpayer cash, and yet still have fundraisers. It’s an enigma for sure.

But add this to their list: Saving parking spaces for their “special guest speakers.”

What makes one human being more special than any other? YOU AND I CANNOT save spaces unless we PAY city hall for one of those stupid signs that litter our landscape.

Yet, the library pulls a stunt like this with cones, garbage cans and soggy notes.

And this was for a guy (Dr. David Peins) who is contributing to the downfall of society with his work in robotics. Tsk, tsk.

Saving parking spaces david peins hoboken public library NJ - Saving Parking Spaces

Saving parking spaces hoboken NJ public library david peins - Saving Parking Spaces

About Hoboken Parking: City Offender Zone

The City Offender Zone feature on Hoboken411 was created over eight years ago in order to build a historical collection of ridiculous parking circumstances that are somehow connected with the city of Hoboken. Whether it’s Hoboken council people who think they’re “above the law,” city programs that are abused or misused, or just plain hypocrisy in your face.

You see any city parking offenders you want to make public? Send Hoboken411 an email with photo, description and how you’d like to be credited (if at all.)

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Friday, October 9, 2015 9:09 am

The library is a great resource for residents. It offers a lot of great free programs for families, besides lending books, movies, music, etc. It is common courtesy to save a spot if they have an out of town guest doing a program there, so I have no problem with this. It is easier to attract talented guests if they don’t have to circle around for 10 minutes or risk a ticket/boot if they park in the resident area mistakenly.

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