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I’d like to file this under “common sense,” however, with our bulging population and limited foresight, workshops like this are unfortunately necessary to remind residents of the imminent dangers that exist in Hoboken. 4th Ward Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer has organized this event for all of us to attend.

Dawn Zimmer pedestrian and traffic workshop

Pedestrian & Traffic Workshop for Southwest Hoboken

7:00 – 9:00 pm, Tuesday, April 29th

Come to the Multi-Service Center to learn more! (corner of 2nd & Grand Streets)

Are you sick of the traffic? Do you want to make our streets safer for pedestrians, bicycles, and drivers? Then please come and join a hands-on workshop to help the City develop a plan that works for our neighborhood. As we plan for new park space and development in Southwest Hoboken, it is important that the community be involved in the planning process. Everyone is welcome. The more participation, the better the final plan.

Thanks for listening, and hope to see many of you next Tuesday. Please email if you think you can make it to the workshop.

Dawn Zimmer

Dawn added:

How’s this workshop going to work anyway?

  1. Breakout into Pedestrian, Park & Driving Groups: Three different groups will brainstorm traffic flow solutions for Southwest Hoboken from a pedestrian perspective, a parks perspective, and an automotive perspective with guidance from a transportation engineer.
  2. Sharing insight on dangerous areas and ideas for solutions: We want to gather as much insight as possible from local residents. People watching and dealing with traffic flow patterns every day, trying to cross the streets, biking or driving, have insight into the traffic problems in our neighborhood and the potential solutions. We need to hear from people in order to incorporate their concerns and ideas into a final plan.
  3. Review of Input by Transportation Engineer: A concerned Hoboken resident and experienced transportation engineer has volunteered his time and expertise to review the input from residents, review the recommendations in the Master Plan, and then put together potential traffic flow solutions.
  4. Public Review of Proposed Solutions: After a plan has been developed, workshop participants and all Hoboken residents will be invited back to give their input on the plan.
  5. Final plan presented to City: Once a final plan has been developed, the Parking and Transportation Subcommittee will recommend that the City conduct a traffic study to fully analyze the proposed plan.

Regardless of future development, Hoboken clearly needs to address traffic issues in the Southwest. More importantly, we need to ensure that traffic implications are fully considered when future development decisions are made.

As I said so often during my three campaigns, we need to make sure that whatever development we do in the Southwest is done in a way that makes our traffic situation better not worse.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008 12:32 pm

Here is another novel approach.

Sadly, the Onion was a couple of days too late for the workshop. More than a few H411 readers seem to think this what Hoboken really needs….

Sunday, April 27, 2008 5:53 pm

Hello!!!??? Will someone please get this message out to Dawn Zimmer… the community center is occupied by other events on the date and time that she is advertising. I just read in the Hoboken Reporter that she’s still advertising this “workshop” Anyone out there planning on going should check before you go- because I don’t know where she’s planning on having it, unless she does so in the street or something!!??

Friday, April 25, 2008 1:25 pm

[quote comment=”79604″]
We spent the money on red brick pavers instead.[/quote]

That’s federal dollars, actually…

Still our money, but from a different source.

Thursday, April 24, 2008 8:35 pm

Ummm… I couldn’t find your email, to email you Ms. Zimmer… I just spoke with some city workers at the community center and they’re not aware of your event. There are other events that go on at that building… particularly, during the time that you’ve advertised that your workshop is supposed to be held… so, where exactly in the community center are you planning on doing your workshop?

Thursday, April 24, 2008 3:52 pm

[quote comment=”79561″]A big problem is turning vehicles on Washington–so many turning cars think they have the right of way when the light is green on Washington and pedestrians are trying to cross on the cross streets (2nd, 3rd, etc.). I’ve seen many near accidents where drivers are so focused on watching for a gap in traffic to turn and not on all of the people crossing on the street they are looking to turn onto–then they gun it only to break hard when they see a stroller in their path (hopefully break, that is) and then hope that the oncoming car slows in time so that they don’t have an accident. Also, it would be nice to have walk signals on Washington. The glare from the sun at certain times of day makes it very hard to see whether the light is green or red. And there are many times where you step out into the street when it’s green only to have it turn red on you by the time you reach the center of the road (doesn’t happen to me really, but I see it happen to elderly people a lot, or people with a large group crossing). Yes, you’ll still get people who run out into the street even when it says no crossing, but it would be a big help. I’m surprised a town with a main street as busy as Hoboken’s doesn’t already have these cross lights.[/quote] i think new traffic lights are needed on… Read more »

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