Hoboken Hockey League (HHL)


Besides our city’s more “passive” sports leagues, such as the Dart and Pool leagues, did you know we have a more physical sport you can engage in?


Hoboken Hockey League

Still accepting new members…

The Hoboken Hockey League is a great place for you to get (some) of your aggression out and do a little more than sip beers and watch your teammates play!

They’ve already started their season, but are still in need of a few more players. Keep in mind that you do need to provide insurance information to be qualified to play. It’s not an ice-hockey based game, but roller blades instead.

Bars such as Trinity, Green Rock, and The Shannon have sponsored teams, as well as a few others!

Here’s some basic rules (from their website – subject to change) or you an email Diddle for more information at diddlebay4@hotmail.com

General Information

  • Games are played Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings
  • Games are played with a speed puck
  • This is a roller hockey league
  • The league is no-contact
  • Season Format: 10 Games* (depending on number of teams entered)
  • Playoff Format: single elimination

Anyone play for this league and have some nice stuff to say?

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lots of good Hockey being played this weekend! 😉

Kaiser Sosay
Kaiser Sosay

lets go rangers


sounds like you’re refering to the Tie Domi of the 21st Century: aka Mr. No Respect for Greatness Sean Something or other. what’s wrong with a little foul play. you’re just jealous that the Rangers define themselves by having at least one guy a decade who crafts this fine art.


I guess another option is signing up and waving my stick in front of the goalie. Heard that works


[quote comment=”79470″][quote comment=”79469″]Is there an amateur league.[/quote]

Yes, just try http://www.newyorkislanders.com/

HAHAHA!! Nice! How do you join up to that league?