Zombie Puppets

Zombie Puppets wait on line in Hoboken

The divide between people who get it – and those who are getting sucked deeper into the system is growing.

This past weekend – dozens of people (“zombie puppets”) stood on line outside mediocre bar / restaurant Wicked Wolf over an hour and a half before “kickoff” for some Sunday afternoon sporting matches that were on Television.

Look at all the downsides (besides the destructive passive activity “watching TV”):

  • You pay a premium for whatever alcohol you drink or food you eat.
  • Filthy disease-ridden bathrooms with no privacy.
  • Loud, obnoxious “fans” busting your ear-drums.

How did all these people become compelled to torture themselves like this? Was it they “hype” on social media? A coupon for a free chicken wing? Unlimited oral sex?

I don’t think I’d put myself through this if you paid me $500 to do so.

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It is a coordination mechanism, nothing too much more complex than that.


I didn’t even want to do this when I was younger. We preferred the more laid back places. Never has this situation happened. How desperate do you need to be to get to this place in your life?