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Enterprise offers alternative to ZipCar

We still think the whole “car sharing” trend has a lot of kinks to work out (like – can we still please call it car “rental?”), as well as how cities should NOT take away public parking for residents. But it’s here for the moment, and it’s probably helpful to know that you also have Enterprise CarShare as an option.

They don’t list Hoboken as a city they service, and searching “07030” on the Enterprise website yields no results. However, looking up Jersey City shows that Enterprise has four locations to rent eight vehicles in Hoboken.

Enterprise CarShare Hoboken NJ locations

Some residents have said that Enterprise is overall cheaper to use compared to ZipCar.

They have two plans – one for very sporadic use – which has a $40 annual fee, but no monthly quotas. A more economical plan for those who intend on using the vehicles more often, have up to 15% cheaper rates, and no annual fee. They do require a commitment of at least $50 per month. Both plans have that stupid-ass “application fee.”

But their marketing slogan irritates me. “Ready. Set. Freedom.” You never really have any “freedom,” do you? It’s not your car, they can remotely disable it, you can’t smoke in it, and so on. And you’re not “free” do drive to your hearts content – they limit your miles! The things they do these days to perpetuate the illusion of freedom is mind-boggling.

Enterprise CarShare ready set freedom

Description: Hourly or daily car rental from Enterprise CarShare.
Address: Four Hoboken locations.
Phone: 877-411-6468
Online: enterprisecarshare.comTwitterFakebook

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