A&P Dwindling Down

Shelves slowly empty as A&P fizzles out

Most of you already know that A&P made it to the Hoboken Doomed Business list, and Acme will be taking the midtown supermarket throne. Below are some pics of the dwindling inventory. “Essentials” like booze never have a shortage of paying customers.

But I wonder what the official reason was why a seemingly “necessary” business like A&P conked out. Bad manangement? Unsustainable unions? Inept workers? A deadly combination of all? Or perhaps some external influence “engineered” them to go away? Who knows. “Hope and Change!”

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015 11:02 am

After they completely “reorganized” the store a year or so ago and made sure that it would be impossible to find anything or be able to shop for groceries in under an hour since neither the staff or customers knew where anything was.
I realized that I could take the extra half hour of shopping time and apply it to my walk to ShopRite, a place where the produce was fresh and the store design made sense.

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