On being prepared and common sense

Being prepared and common sense – you need no reminders

Okay – we know that “major” Hurricane Joaquin is churning around and has the potential to disrupt our life. Got it.

This is where I and the majority of the rest of the world begin our divergence.

I don’t panic. I don’t need reminders of what I should or shouldn’t do. I’m prepared.

Clueless about Hurricane Joaquin in Hoboken NJ

“Cross at the green and not in-between!”

However – each and every single time a potentially (insert dramatic word here: catastrophic, devastating, crushing, etc.) event happens – it appears that some entity (government, media, etc.) has to CONSTANTLY remind people of what to do – and what NOT to do, such as:

– Don’t blindly walk into a massive puddle when you don’t know what is ahead of you.
– Don’t leave your car in areas that have flooded without fail every time it drizzles.
– Try not to keep your cheap made in China Walmart patio chairs outside when winds are expected to blow them away.

I don’t know – every time I see those reminders I feel like we’re living among an entire world of children who need to be told what to do. That, plus the government that needs to “feel relevant.” Or a combination thereof.

you're a dumbass if you need to be told what to do during hurricane joaquin

So why does this happen? Is it necessary?

I kind of feel sad for society when they need to be reminded of fundamental things to preserve their well being. I always though the inherent need for survival was inbred in every human being. Apparently not.

But let’s examine the top 10 reasons why humans need reminders:

Top 10 reasons you need to be reminded about stupid shit

  1. You’re so busy showing the world how great your Starbucks triple-espresso was, that you forgot about your basic needs.
  2. The government wants you to feel good about your exorbitant property taxes, so they send out messages telling you what you already should know by heart.
  3. Not enough people watch “prepper” shows on TV.
  4. Common sense died along with the gold standard.
  5. There is no app for preventing stupidity.
  6. “mayor” don zimmer wants credit for something.
  7. It’s hard to take a real life photo of a scantily-clad bikini broad in the midst of a hurricane. (Hat tip to the NY Post.)
  8. The non-stop destruction of the human brain via mindless entertainment, chemically-processed foods and sedentary lifestyle is evident.
  9. The fact that the majority “depend” on so-called “leaders” to make everything okay!
  10. Because if they didn’t have reminders – the entire country would probably run out of stock of body-bags, and have an unimaginable crisis!

Whether it’s a major storm that affects a large area – or a localized event – you should be prepared. A week of supplies is always a good start (water being the most important). A decent set of tools always helps. And sufficient medical supplies to cover basic injuries is also a necessity.

Other than that – I’m not gonna say much more.

Yes, being prepared does require some financial expenditure and future planning – but almost none of that ever goes to waste. Unlike the last cell phones you bought (iPhone 3, iPhone 3s, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, etc.) What does that add up to including accessories? $5,000? Any closer to utopia at this point? Didn’t think so!

Anyway – I hope everyone does the right thing, whether or not Hurricane Joaquin devastates any place or any people. If you are certain that the area you occupy may be substantially threatened – figure out where you can go where the risks are mitigated. We already have plans to jettison out far away just in case. No “exclusive photos” are worth the risk of human life.

(Or then again, if you are afraid of the rabbit hole, this event could be a great drinking game. Party on!)

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