Are you grounded?

Grounded – not the grounded you’re used to hearing

You ever hear people say “yeah, I’m a pretty grounded person?” That typically means they’re low-key, appreciative, not pretentious, needy, etc.

But have you heard about being grounded (physically) to the earth? I stumbled upon a 70 minute documentary that (for the most part) is quite compelling. The Grounded Documentary.

Think about this for a minute (as a city-dweller): Most of the time you exist living in an urban environment – you almost NEVER “touch” the earth with your bare skin. And by touching, I mean the actual earth. Not the floors of your apartment or concrete or asphalt surfaces outside. Dirt, grass, sand, water, etc.

The premise of this documentary by filmmaker Steve Kroschel – is that because humans (and their modern advancements like rubber souls, homes, cars, etc.) have profoundly “lost touch” (literally) with the conductive powers of the planet.

The main points of the documentary are as follows:

  1. The earth (and the universe, for that matter) is all “connected.” And by being in touch with that (negative charge) energy, many ailments can be reversed and good health can be achieved.
  2. “Grounding” means being physically in touch with earth. Whether by walking barefoot on natural surfaces, or going as far as to burying yourself neck-deep in dirt.
  3. You can also “ground” yourself by connecting a grounding wire either directly to the dirt, or even into the ground plug on a three-prong outlet using a conductive bed liner.
  4. The people of Haines, Alaska were apparently miraculously healed of their ailments because of this “re-discovery.”
  5. And they proved the benefits of “grounding” by performing simple experiments grounding a few plants and comparing the results versus non-grounded plants (the grounded ones did much better).

Watch the documentary below if you feel intrigued (and if you have a little over an hour to spare), and see our comments after the movie.

What we might believe about “grounding”

Well, for starters – the main premise that we “barely ever touch the earth” is indeed interesting. Our clothing, homes, modern surfaces and modes of transportation – it’s definitely true. We hardly spend much time truly touching the earth (or things organically connected to the earth). Buildings don’t really count!

That made this concept at least worth checking out. Would walking bare-foot in the broken glass and dog-poop infested parks in Hoboken be worth the risk? Sure, why not? But I highly doubt we can lay naked or bury ourselves in this area any time soon (you’d certainly be arrested and committed if you did).

There is always something mystical and magical about the “unknowns” of our world and the rest of the universe. That alone, makes this concept more plausible.


Always think with a critical eye – including being grounded

We watch, look at and read everything with many thoughts in the back of our heads – including the reliable all-star “CUI BONO?” Who benefits from propagating such information?

For instance, there was one “doctor” featured in this documentary, Laura Koniver, who has an extremely product and service oriented website about being “grounded.” Your initial “consultation phone call (non-refundable) is $127 for half an hour. That’s up there with city lawyer rates! Nonsense!

Here’s her direct video. Hummm.

And if you don’t want the phone calls – you can sign up for an “unlimited emails” plan for $249 a month ($3000 per year). Wow, that’s a lot of money to tell you just to find a patch of grass and walk barefoot.

So yeah, I see these documentaries as being “bait” to get people to have to pay for further “information” if you even want to call it that.

Additionally, if this being “grounded” phenomenon was really true – and so simple as just frolicking in a meadow buck naked – they why such an aggressive need to monetize?

And why aren’t more people discovering this like it was the second coming of Christ?

Why are their views on YouTube so paltry, compared to stupid shit that gets millions upon millions of views?

To be fair, the film maker Steve Kroschel doesn’t seem to on the money-making aspect of anything. Maybe he was conned (or handsomly paid) into doing the doc. Who knows.

But then again – seizing the moment, day or opportunity is not something foreign to mankind. If these doctors and film makers sincerely believe what they’re doing, then more power to them to capitalize on that. The way the market works.

However, this “science” is still somewhat sketchy, despite what they claim are “verifiable measurements.” Because if this was truly a panacea, it would take off across the globe in a matter of months, especially considering our nearly instant way of going “viral.”

And if being barefoot was so great – what’s up with all those tribal people in third-world nations? They don’t seem to be cashing in on the benefits of being grounded. More like they’re suffering from the wound infections on their feet!

Dunno. Since they didn’t even address bush people in the woods that don’t even know what shoes are – makes me a bit more suspect.

So, does laying in the dirt on planet earth sound like it’ll be on your timeline anytime soon?

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Friday, October 16, 2015 1:43 am

The ideas are good, paying for them is not. You can accomplish these things in many different ways. But if I had some kind of scary disease, I’d be willing to try anything before accepting mainstream medical treatment.

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