Jersey City Bike Share

Is Jersey City Bike Share nicer than Hoboken?

Many people in Hoboken are questioning the whole “decision” (or some would say under the table payoff) as to why Hoboken didn’t want to co-ordinate the “bike sharing” efforts with immediately neighboring cities.

These stupid fucking politicians insist that things are done “their way,” to the point where their are blinded by their own arrogance, and fail to see the effects of their stubbornness.

So now we have differing (albeit stupid) bike share programs in two of the most influential Hudson County neighbors. No cohesiveness whatsoever.

Again, I think the whole thing is nothing more than a political Nerf-ball. Look yourself in the eyes (you need a mirror for that). Do you really think these bike sharing plans are good? Or are you just accepting what they feed you spoonful by spoonful? Let that sink in for a minute.

For what it’s worth – many area residents acknowledge that they implemented this completely retarded socialistic removal of freedom bike-sharing program a lot nicer than here in Hoboken. From soup to nuts. I guess J.C. has more moolah to “distribute.” What-ev.

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A regular cheap bike is so much less than this share bike. I can get one used for $25. And another $25 for lock.

The share bikes are bulky and hard to ride.

They take up room and remove parking. I have many spots to lock my cheap bike anywhere.

Not many of my friends have credit cards, this is not avalible to them. Govberments dont think about how hard it is for peoples with less money or bed credit.

Theese bikes are only for rich special people. notfor every day peoples.

Looks good works bad.