Hurricane Joaquin wha?

Hurricane Joaquin update

Still 3-5 days out, and the forecast models for Hurricane Joaquin still have it hitting the east coast somewhere. Currently suggesting from the Carolina cape area up through Delaware, etc.

One thing forecasters are mentioning though, is that no matter if this storm is some kind of “direct hit,” or if it meanders out to sea, it will still impact this area with way more moisture than we’re equipped to handle.

Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst is the saying, right?

Hurricane Joaquin track September 30 2015 - Hurricane Joaquin wha?

Will Joaquin form and storm Hoboken?

Had to get this out there. Apparently there is some buzz that a tropical system (potentially Joaquin) may bring tons of rain to the northeast towards the weekend.

Joaquin storm northeast USA October 2015 - Hurricane Joaquin wha?

“Galoshes never cut it in Hoboken,” says Joaquin

Forecasters are being somewhat delicate with what basically amounts to ordinary weather. However, certain climate models (which are as accurate as a bunch of monkeys throwing darts at a map) are suggesting that there is the potential for “epic” amounts of rain.

Numbers all over the map, but anywhere from six inches or more.

And when epic amounts of rain fall within a short time, that unfortunately means Hoboken gets flooded out the wazoo regardless of how many stinking poop pumps are installed throughout the city.

If this actually pans out to be something substantial, we’ll update accordingly.

Hey, I look at the bright side. The weather has been boring as of late. Mother Nature has to throw a curve ball every now and then. We’ll see what happens.

Maybe it’ll just fizzle out. We always prefer nice weather over devastating floods, that’s for sure!

Tropical Storm Joaquin potentially flooding Hoboken NJ - Hurricane Joaquin wha?

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Reply to  hoboken411
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 12:31 am

I know what’s going to happen with this, just like Sandy. It will blow up more than they predicted, and a category 1 or 2 storm will crush us with 2 days left to prepare. Watch.

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