Hudson City Savings Bank {robbed}

Hudson City Savings Bank {robbed – literally}

Hudson City Savings Bank is a solid institution. With a location in Hoboken, and dozens more in the area – they’re a fine bank to do business with. Never needed a bailout, and constantly ranked near the top of “solid” banks. But recently Hudson City Savings Bank was literally “robbed” because of some bullshit “redlining” accusation.

In a nutshell – they were accused of not providing mortgages to minorities and for choosing not to open branches in certain neighborhoods.

What the fuck is that?

In order to prevent insolvency, they probably had logical “requirements” in order to approve loans. You know, a fair way of not exposing themselves to high-risk! Your credit score isn’t a color, it’s a number. This is exactly why they’re a good bank.

And where a bank chooses to open, should really be their business (only).

Because if this stupid trend persists – what next? Suing Tiffany because they won’t open a shop at 300 Jackson? Or suing Short Hills Mall because they don’t have any pawn shops inside? Ludicrous!

So now Hudson City “settled” for $33 million (while not admitting fault), just so they don’t get mired in a long drawn-out litigation.

That, my friends is robbery – whether you want to call it legal or not.

Hudson City Savings Bank Robbed in Hoboken NJ - Hudson City Savings Bank {robbed}

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015 2:29 am

Not robbery, no way! It’s called re-distributing the wealth to people who don’t deserve it!

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