Frankie & Ava’s Italian Eatery

Frankie & Ava’s Italian Eatery – 208 Washington St. – Hoboken, NJ

Hey, you might think we’re “anti-business” here in Hoboken, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We love “good” businesses. You know, ones that “fill a niche,” or have a unique slant to offer Mile Square residents.

“Cookie cutter” bars or restaurants certainly do fill some kind of niche (i.e., a place to hang out, grab a drink, watch a stupid game, etc.), which is why many “average” places survive in town solely because of their location (steps away from whomever.)

But what do you think about “Frankie & Ava’s Italian Eatery” opening up at 208 Washington Street? (Home of the former Four L’s, Clarke’s (for like a few weeks) and Favia Lite way back in the day).

Frankie Ava Italian Eatery Hoboken NJ 208 Washington Street - Frankie & Ava's Italian Eatery

Italian Restuarants – if done right – typically do well in any city

We informally polled many residents in Hoboken about this new “eatery” Frankie & Ava’s. Below is the “unofficial” analysis of what we heard:

Some thought the name “Frankie” was both a glom on “Frank Sinatra” and the old “Frankie & Johnnie’s” uptown (which changed their name to Dino & Harry’s way back..) Perhaps that is part of the secret of success these days, “get Google props” without much effort?

While others were relatively upbeat about the prospects, saying that despite the ethnic culture here in Hoboken, the number of “true” top-notch Italian restaurants can be counted on one hand, missing some fingers.

Lastly – many respondents said the equivalent of “oh boy.” That meaning “here we go again with another over-priced failure which will be “done” before one year.” Most people who gave responses like this cited similar reasoning: “expensive, superficial, bad value, average taste for above average price, and hype over substance.”

We’ll see how they perform. But this space isn’t conducive to success, as previously demonstrated by the string of other failed attempts.

Good luck, Frankie & Ava’s Italian Eatery!

Description: “Italian Eatery”
Address: 208 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: TBD

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