1st Annual Food Truck Rock Carnival

Review: 1st Annual Food Truck Rock Carnival in Clark, NJ

Not sure how many Hoboken residents attended the 1st Annual Food Truck Rock Carnival over in Clark, NJ a little over a week ago, but from what we found out, it was a blast!

We had prior obligations, so we enlisted our friend Jay Rubenstein of 7th Sign Photography to take our place as a member of the press at this new event which combines great rock sounds, with the “not burdened by brick and mortar overhead” Food Trucks which have taken the world by storm in the last decade.

Read his recap and see his wonderful photos which document this historic event below.

Food Truck Rock Carnival Clark NJ Stone Temple Pilots - 1st Annual Food Truck Rock Carnival

Rock Carnival knocked it out of the park on their first at-bat!

By Jay Rubenstein

“Okay, I must admit it took me over 14 years to swap my NY State license plates to NJ as I just couldn’t bring myself to inform the world that I lived in NJ. Well I am now proud to say I live in NJ.

Cutoff jeans, unkempt facial hair, wife beaters, the color black & tan moms ruled this weekend on the greens of the Oak Ridge Park in Clark, NJ. Just a hop, skip & jump from NYC, fun could be had for all ages, young & old as there was a FREE Carnival filled with amusement rides along with over 40 food trucks, BMX stunt riding, wrestling as well as a full day/evening of good old Rock N Roll for those that paid for the concert area.

Come on, who doesn’t remember the innocent days as a youngster going to a carnival for the cotton candy, bumper car rides & greasy food?

The food these days has improved but the Food Truck Rock Carnival would have made any cardiac surgeon proud to say he lives in NJ. From your standard burgers to bacon wrapped hot dogs & bacon macaroni grilled cheese, there were tempting’s at each and every truck window. Decisions were hard to make but even this food would make Honey Boo Boo a very proud girl.

Adults could cool off with the numerous cocktails & microbrew beers being offered that were quite abundant throughout the festival at several locations. Surprisingly, calm, cool & collected was the tone here as nobody wanted to be making an early departure before the amazing band lineup that they had present.

Oh yea, the live bands, where new and old, good old Rock N Roll ruled & it was nothing but spectacular.

DSC7594 - 1st Annual Food Truck Rock Carnival

New Jersey represents at the Food Truck Rock Carnival

“Many of the bands had roots in New Jersey so it made it special and they had no trouble telling the crowd how much the loved NJ. For the cost of seeing one of these bands, you could have joyfully smiled, drank a cold one & did your best Jersey fist pump all weekend long. Mainstream bands like Slash, Puddle of Mudd, 3 Days Grace, Black Label Society, Godsmack, STP & Anthrax kept the crowd rambunctious.

New-comers that were truly amazing were Pop Evil, Like a Storm & Crobot, just say you heard it here first!

All in all, the 1st Annual Food Truck Rock Carnival was a huge successful weekend only to be topped off by the beautiful weather. So, what did I take out of it and you miss, that New Jersey residents truly do enjoy their food, music & everything “Carnival.”

Today I stand proud, pump my fist in the air, and say thank you NJ, from one resident to another… See you next year.”

Food Truck Rock Carnival 2015 Photo Gallery

21170735214 76227a2589 o - 1st Annual Food Truck Rock Carnival

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