Entertainment {part II}

Life or Entertainment?

The other day – we mentioned commercial entertainment versus the wide world of creative people out there in the YouTube universe.

Our thought was that as the gap in technology shortens, high quality products aren’t exclusive to big-bucks studios anymore.

However, we left one part of YouTube out of that analysis: Vloggers.

vlogging as entertainment casey neistat - Entertainment {part II}

Vlogging can be good – but what about your life?

There are tons of “high profile” vloggers out there. All across the country, people like Devin Suptertramp, Roman Atwood, Nicole Arbour and others.

My personal favorite is Casey Neistat. A top-notch videographer with a unique and stylized signature right across the river in NYC.

entertainment vlogging youtube generation - Entertainment {part II}But there is a subtle yet very important distinction between “vlogging” and entertainment. In Casey Neistat’s case – his wonderful videos, while entertaining, are essentially mini-documentaries of HIS life. Other vloggers do that too. They’re just filming THEIR lives.

So while you sit there looking at the screen, at what could be considered “quality” film making – you are NOT living your life. You’re voyeuristically looking at someone else’s.

I came to these thoughts after spending a couple hours watching them the other day. I almost felt a bit “empty” inside afterward. These vloggers are making substantial income just living (and filming) their lives. While their viewers make nothing watching. Why aren’t they living instead? Doing their own thing?

That’s where I can throw a bone to the “commercial entertainment” industry like Hollywood. An hour-and-a-half fictional movie is just that. Fiction, fantasy, a temporary diversion. If you’re going to waste some time – perhaps something “out of this world” might be a respectable option after all. Nothing to compare yourself with (until you start dressing like cartoon superheros).

Following the vlogger “serials,” can easily add up to five or more hours wasted per month, per vlogger. Before you know it – come Christmas time, you’ve realized that two solid weeks of your life were removed from the year.

An interesting human phenomenon indeed.

But we still feel living your own life to the fullest leaves little room for time-wasting “entertainment.” Because if you choose a path that includes learning, building and experiencing – you won’t want to passively watch the work of others. If you’re skilled like Casey Neistat – who seems to be living life at an incredibly breakneck (and efficient as hell) pace and still has three hours a day to edit his “vlog,” then more power to you. But I suspect 99.999% of you could never ever do that. Nope.

PS – We’re not saying there is no time for mindless activities – just that if you’re busy with other productive things – it naturally takes second fiddle. Plus, you’ll be mad at yourself once you’ve realized how much time was lost. Just trying to be realistic!

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