What influences you?

Really – do you think about what influences you anymore?

I consider myself to be somewhat of a “philosophical” person. I question most (if not all) things. Even things I feel strongly about. I do this on a relatively continual basis. But I often wonder “what influences you?”

And by “you” I mean the rest of the population. People I know, and the rest of the herd.

For anyone that has had similar thoughts – don’t you find the possibilities astounding? The number of “outlets” that can essentially “change” or influence almost anyone?

Ever think about what influences you - What influences you?

You are what you ingest

Simply speaking – most of us are “products of our environments.” This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Parental upbringing (and their own influences)
  • Societal exposure
  • Peers
  • Media (programming, marketing, news)
  • Psychology (of all of the above)

And much more.

Basic influences for particular actions

influences over people - What influences you?Let’s start with basic “influential thoughts” for a second. Those are typically based on somewhat primal instincts: Need.
You need to eat food.
You need shelter, clothing.
You need an income to provide those things.

Additionally, it’s evident that the human being also “needs” certain other things, such as love, companionship, friendship, acceptance, comradarie, etc.

How many of you are getting you basic needs met at the very least?

Unnecessary influences – good or bad?

The influential aspect of society starts wearing thin when they cross the boundaries of necessity into “want, desire, etc.”, and mask the true aspect of what “NEED” means.

Like we “want” that latest phone, gadget, car, thing-a-ma-bob.

Or we “desire” to look like some famous person (remember the Jennifer Aniston haircut?)

How many of you remember stuff like that? It continues today (Justin Beiber haircts).

Why do we want to be something we’re not? To ride the coat-tails of someone else’s success? To fill a otherwise empty void in our lives? What happened to originality?

(Let’s not even get into the scripted “news” from around the world that utilizes fear to shape the sphere of influence.)

Basic needs

We mentioned many of the needs both good and unnecessary. Why is that not more clearly defined in your own mind?

How have people “lost touch” with what is important? Is technology to blame? Or “the powers that be?” Generational conditioning? Forgetting (or not caring about) the past?

“The Joneses,” and the need to keep up or compete?

The way influence should work

My belief is that the number one influence anyone should have is their own basic necessities.
Is something broken? Fix it.
That should take up a very large portion of your free time.

Because most of you – have imperfect lives. Something is wrong that can be fixed.

But unfortunately – it’s clear to me that way too many people are being controlled by forces they don’t even see. “You have to be asleep to believe it.”

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