Facebook Fraud (Part II)

Facebook Fraud (Part II – sequestering)

Last week, we posted a story on Hoboken411 – about how Facebook fraudulently “skews” their numbers for videos (and most likely every single number front to back, including membership).

Want to know what happened? Well – someone at Facebook got wind of that – and essentially prohibited us from making posts on our own personal page. See screen shot below.

facebook fraud continues with sequestering in Hoboken NJ 720x337 - Facebook Fraud (Part II)

“Malicious” bullshit is still bullshit

I don’t really use fakebook – we use an external service to automatically “send out” a fakebook and twitter notices. But we have from time to time “logged on” to fakebook for whatever reasons. Some businesses don’t even bother making their own websites anymore – they exclusively use that draconian walled-garden called fakebook. For better or worse, it has truly taken over the world for the time being.

But because we were critical of fakebook – they claimed my computer had “malicious” software or browser extensions on it. That in itself IS A FRAUD.


  1. Another person logged in as themselves on my computer – was able to post.
  2. I logged in from THEIR computer – was unable to post. Same bullshit warning.

Not that this affects us in any way, the bottom line is – that Fakebook hates any questioning of their shaping of public opinion. Even as minor as us with a limited amount of followers (we shut off new followers four or five years ago). Apparently my “Facebook Fraud” story struck a nerve. How funny is that? They need “damage control” down to local cities? Wow!

And in researching if others ran into this entirely bogus “reason” for preventing access – I stumbled upon this note on fakebooks own support page (it too, was “hidden”):

“Does anyone REALLY think that Facebook has detected that your computer has a virus? Do you really think that they ran some sort of a virus scan and came up with facts that your computer is infected? Wake up people. You received this message because you were singled out and are now being sequestered. You are being blocked because of your beliefs and the type of shares you’ve been making. Are you a Christian? Republican? Pro-Lifer? Odds are, you are being blocked for your beliefs, not because of some virus detection. Really? You have a virus that Facebook detected? LOL.”

Maybe officially time to delete fakebook

I’ll reiterate – we don’t actually “use” fakebook. We send out blasts to the under 1000 “friends/followers” we have, but as far as “communicating” – it’s next to nil. Still prefer the face-to-face, email or phone call any day.

It may come time to just cut the facebook cord entirely. 100% deletion. Not sure yet.

While if we delete our profile, it’s possible some psychotic loser may try to “duplicate” us (this has happened in the past, God have mercy on those who did it), so that’s always something to consider.

We posted this well made video several times in the past about deleting facebook – does this still ring true today? Or are you stuck in a state of cognitive dissonance yourself? You know it’s unhealthy to communicate this way – but see it as the lesser of two evils (“the fear of missing out?”)

And here’s one of my favorites we posted in the “look up – look away” thread:

So I’ll decide soon whether I should just nix the whole fakebook account once and for all. Maybe it’ll have some negative effect, maybe not. But I’m leaning towards keeping things real and straightforward, rather than putting personal data “in the cloud.”

I hope that some of you consider joining me in “breaking free” from this relatively sudden detrimental change in society. There is a bright side. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. And it’s truly amazing.

(PS – The “Warning” disappeared a few days later, but let’s see if they institute that bogus malware warning after this post!)

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