No such thing as “social justice”

Guest podcast: No such thing as social justice {Tom Woods}

“Social Justice” (and the associated “social justice warriors – “SJW’s”) is a big topic these days across the globe.

Whether it’s some sort of “occupy” movement, or “blank blank matters,” or your gender, or wage, or whatever else – there are “useful idiots” out there furthering someone else’s agenda (they’ll never understand how similar to “pawns” they are – but that’s another story…)

As a guest podcast today – listen to Tom Woods as he goes back into history and literature with another layer of conversation to this (what we think is essentially stupid and worthless) subject. However, this lunacy has made a stake in current humanity – and has to be dealt with nonetheless. Before it gets further out of control.

“Today I discuss the concept of social justice and compare it to the traditional conception of justice that was taken for granted in the Western world for thousands of years. I take some shots at John Rawls along the way.”

It’s just a shame that a huge majority of our population cannot tactfully think (critically), carefully contemplate, and patiently ponder the “big picture” and who benefits from all the various happenings around the world. And a half hour “podcast?” Fugghedaboutit – 95% of the population can’t handle that much data! Go ahead – can you?

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