How many of you see the sun rise?

Moments of clarity – A spectacular sun rise in Hoboken

Hoboken resident Idit must be an early riser, as she caught this “spectacular” sun rise moment over the NYC Skyline with the Hudson River and Pier C Park as the foreground.

How many people living in Hoboken (especially after “letting loose” on weekend nights) get to see the wonderful visuals planet Earth gives us quite often?

My guess is less than 5% of the local population witnesses images like this.

Hoboken Sunrise 720x393 - How many of you see the sun rise?

On another note – please get real cameras!

Idit, like most people these days – use their smart phones as their “primary” camera.

Such a shame.

Because, even though this “camera” has lots of “megapixels” and the resolution of the photo was quite big – the image still sucks. (I even cleaned it up tremendously!) Grainy upon zoom, bad in low light. We talked about this previously when we discussed the lost beauty of film cameras. That today’s “micro lens” cameras in cell phones just physically cannot capture the detail that larger-lens cameras can (digital or analog).

Sure, we can all say “I saw that and took a photo!” But that doesn’t immortalize the beauty of it well. No way an “heirloom” photo. Which is why an investment in a quality full-format digital camera should be on everyone’s list. To preserve the clarity and detail of your life.

Too bad that people aren’t nearly as discerning as they once were. Things now are both “good enough” and “convenient.” In some circles that’s referred to as “lowering the bar.”

Better yet, perhaps everyone should all strive to see these moments with the best lenses of them all: Your own eyeballs! You know, just “soak up the moment?” Still means something, you know! More than you think!

(I’ll add for “arguments sake” that once one scales an image down to like here (i.e., 720px), the difference in quality becomes less visible. Same for when you view it on a phone. But a large format print, it will most certainly be noticeable. Just sayin’!)

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Friday, October 2, 2015 12:04 am

I wont say this image is of a normal morning, but is in the “ballpark”. It is my favorite morning activity to walk my dog along the waterfront and watch the sun come up over the city. My second, doing it at sunset and seeing that moment when the city glows orange and reflects it onto the water and sometimes back into Hoboken.

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