Fall 2015 Hoboken Arts and Music Festival

Fall 2015 Hoboken Arts and Music Festival: Sunday, September 27th

The last of two Hoboken Arts & Music Festivals in 2015 takes place on Washington Street between Observer Highway and 7th Streets this Sunday, September 27th.

We’ve explored a lot over the years, and checked out other festivals (both smaller and bigger) to the north, south and west of Hoboken (+/- 150 miles). You tend to find really hard-core artisans in the more rural festivals, while others (like the annual NJ Balloon Festival) are utter crap. So I guess you can say Hoboken’s is middle of the road, as well as a convenient way to part with your money.

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Still, something to do

Looks like it’ll be a nice day, so you can heads down on phone wander around the streets from 11am to 6pm to see countless of (mostly) out-of-town vendors selling food, artwork, and myriad of other trinkets and tchotchkes.

Big hits are typically the greasy, fried food, Cake Boss groupies and of course “selfies.” Three music stages also set up. The main stage is south of the CVS downtown, a kiddie stage at 3rd Street, and a secondary stage at the north end of the festival between 6th and 7th Streets.

Some of this year’s featured musical acts include:

SYKA – Mix of influences

One act that caught my eye was SYKA (which is a play on the band’s lead singer named Jesyka).

I’m not saying their music is bad or good, but certainly a peculiar “mashup” of previous ideas and bands, like No Doubt, KISS, and any metal band from the 90’s (like Metallica or Soundgarden). I’m curious how they came up with the band. “Hey guys, pick three or four other bands, and we’ll make ours a piece of all of them!”

I mean eye makeup? Does every band need a gimmick these days? I can understand if “that is who you are,” but face makeup seems to be straight from some kind of psychological marketing playbook. I guess with 7 billion on this orb, you have to purposely go out of your way to be “stand out.”

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Ricardo Roig
Ricardo Roig
Saturday, September 26, 2015 4:24 pm

Looking forward to another fun Sunday at the Arts & Music Festival. Roig Gallery will be exhibiting on the corner of First & Washington. We have new work from my studio capturing local scenery as well as Hawaii, Barcelona, New York and San Francisco. Very proud to also be representing the beautiful photography of Ryan Burke. Check out our work @ ryanlikesphotography.com & ricardoroig.com. See you there!

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