Why have trash chutes?

Trash chutes: Stupid in Hoboken; promote laziness
and CAUSE FIRES! (At 310 Jackson)

Meh, the Hoboken Housing Authority (referred to on the street as “the projects”) have always had problems with their confounded “trash chutes.”

More often than not – it’s some kind of FIRE.

Like tonight – a fairly significant “scene” erupted over in the projects (at 310 Jackson St.) and several people were injured, mostly due to smoke “inhalation.”

Maybe now is the time to eradicate those stupid “trash chutes.” Make the residents (like in most of the other buildings) carry their shit down to a bin outside of the building. Get some free exercise instead of paying moronic gym memberships.

Lazy assholes throw their cigarette butts down these chutes – because they have absolutely ZERO working knowledge of infrastructure, engineering or construction. They think these bone-headed “chutes” just go straight to some “void” somewhere. Maybe they don’t even think that. Maybe they think whatever is at the end of that “hole” is “someone else’s problem.” That’s my guess.

Either way – it’s fucking liability and it’s PRIME TIME to shut this shit down. “For the benefit of all.”

Going back to sleep now. Good night.

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Chutes may be bad but whats the alternative? Walk down to a trash dumpster????? NO they will airmail the trash right out the window.


The alternative is not installing chutes in buildings with irresponsible tenants and visitors. How often do other buildings with chutes have problems like this? one in a hundred?