Why were rocks stolen?

Contractors gone wild? Rocks stolen from Stevens Park?

This is a bit bizarre. Were rocks stolen from Stevens Park earlier today?

Some contractor (Lou’s Landscaping) hauled a few loads of gravel from the Stevens Dog park this afternoon.

They wheeled the stones down to Pier C Park for some concrete footings (for yet more security cameras).

Aren’t contractors supposed to supply their own materials? The city should check the invoice and see if they’ll be billing property taxpayers for those rocks. Stealing from an already desperate dog run is a very low blow. Like taking a cigarette from a homeless guy.

(Side note: Apparently the “reason” those trees were butchered at Pier C Park because the security cameras needed a “clean line of sight” to Pier A Park. What are they using, technology from the 1950’s? Retarded.)

Rocks stolen from Stevens Park Hoboken NJ

rocks removed from Stevens Park taken to Pier C Park

contractors at Pier C Park Hoboken

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