Retro photography

Revival – bringing back retro photography

Last week we talked about old school retro photography (you know, using FILM, etc.)

We decided to put our money where our mouth is – and have begun reviving the “art” of photography.

Picked up an ancient Kodak 110 film camera for just $5 used online. And some rolls of 110 Film (new – Lomography).

I’ll treat this camera the way people used to use them. For somewhat special moments, or when we visit people we don’t see often, etc. Will also acquire some photo albums to store the photos.

Finding a reliable place that can process these photos on site is the next challenge (the last place I’d trust would be the Walmarts of the world – especially when they have to be “sent out.”)

retro photography Hoboken NJ

Instant camera revival!

Next – we waned to also try the “instant” cameras. But while we could get actual old-school Polaroid cameras – the film is hard to find.

So we picked up the “next gen” version of the instant camera – the Fuji Instax. You can get them for around $60 and the film works out to about $0.75 a shot.

They’re smaller than old Polaroids (about the size of a credit card), but the color reproduction is pretty good. They also make a “wide” version of this instant format for those who want the “best.”

The old way of sharing memories is so much better. And satisfaction of “delayed gratification” is something worth reviving.

Let the fun commence!

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